5 Professional Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Winter season is the perfect time to clean and reorganize those closets you’ve been meaning to conquer. So, tackle the task with 5 tips from professional organizers skilled in the art of making sense of your space and your stuff.

  1. Sort the things you absolutely never reach for, and the things you use seasonally.


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According to Ginny Snook Scott, custom storage expert and chief design officer for California Closets, says the first step is to take everything out of the closet and make piles. Always be honest and keep in mind your goal of having a clean, well-organized, easy-to-use closet. Categorize your piles as the Now Pile, for things used or worn often; the Someday Pile, for clothes you might fit into again or might use if an occasion arises; the Never Pile, for things you absolutely never reach for; and the Seasonal Pile, for things used seasonally.

  1. Think fast and keep moving forward.

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Acting quickly, while motivation and resolve remain strong, place everything from the Never Pile in large trash bags for donation, resale or sharing. Next, get the bags out of your way by temporarily relocating them to the garage, guest room, basement or attic. Forget how expensive you’ve bought them or how sentimental they are as they already served you well. “These items have served you well, but it’s time to move on,” she says. “Resist the urge to open the bags one last time.” Drop them off at a thrift store or recycling organization like to let them have a new life with people who will use them.

  1. Organize things by type.

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When it comes to determining what goes where, group “like” things together for ease and simplicity. While long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, and sleeveless shirts all belong in the shirt section, bottoms such as skirts and pants also get their own section. Some women prefer grouping clothes according to color, function, work, or occasion. As long as you group “like” things together, you’ll create harmony in your closet.

  1. Pack up seasonal stuff in easy-to-read labels that let you know what’s inside.

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While storing your seasonal stuff out of sight yet in an easily accessible place, you must not forget to give them easy-to-read labels that let you know what’s inside. She also advises making sure items are dry before you store them as dampness will lead to mildew and a musty smell. Also, never store clothes in plastic bags like those from dry cleaners, but instead store them in cotton zip-up bags.

  1. Make your ensembles visible and accessible.

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Remember, you’ll get the most mileage from your wardrobe when everything you own is visible and accessible. According to Snook Scott, if you have to hunt for it or if you can’t reach it, you won’t wear it. By heeding these simple organizing tips from the pro, you’ll make your closet stylish and functional for you.

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