5 Pretty Vests to Wear this Summer

One of the things that we all love about summer is how easy it is to get dressed – just throw on a tank top and a pair of shorts, wear your favorite pair of flip flops and you’re ready to go! Of course, as a fashionista, you can’t just always wear the basics, you gotta have some flare to your outfit. You just gotta! So, how do you spruce up a plain and simple outfit? Well, there are plenty of ways, really. You can DIY your clothes and give them a new look, you can buy the latest styles from your favorite clothing stores or you can layer. Yep, you can layer your clothes this summer without feeling hot and uncomfortable and that is by wearing a vest. Vests are much lighter than jackets and since they’re sleeveless, they won’t make your ‘pits sweat. Here are some of the prettiest vests to wear this summer.

  • Denim vests – denim vests are the easiest to wear. You can just throw them on top of any of your gorgeous summer outfits and you’re good to go. You can also wear a denim vest if you want to dress down a rather fancy dress that you want to wear with a street style or casual vibe.

bright yellow top and denim vest

chevron dress and denim vest cropped denim vest and pleated maxi skirt summer outfit with denim vest

  • Leather vests   think leather can only be worn during fall and winter? Well, think again! You don’t have to wait for the colder seasons to wear leather, you can wear them in summer. Leather vests aren’t as warm and heavy as other leather pieces like leather jackets and leather pants so they won’t keep you warm which makes them perfect for summer outfits. Wear one if you want to add a bit of a cool, edgy vibe to your outfits or if you want to pull off the rocker chick look in summer.

leather vest and white shirt summer leather vest white vest and striped summer dress

  • Drape vests – drape vests are great for adding movement and drama to plain and simple outfits. They’re great for casual, street style and dressy outfits. Wear them on top of dresses or t-shirt and jeans kind of outfits and you’re sure to look fabulous.

drapey black vest victoria beckham white drapey vest summer drape vest

  • Tuxedo vests – need something to polish up a street style look and give it a sleeker look? Try wearing a tuxedo-style vest on top of your outfit and see how it easily transforms into something more urban and chic. Even ripped shorts and distressed jeans will look more posh with a tuxedo vest. You can also wear this if you want to give your outfit a bit of a menswear-inspired touch.

double chest tuxedo style vest tan tuxedo style vest tux vest in white

  • Trench vests – yes, there is such a thing as trench vests. They’re like trench coats but they’re sleeveless and they’re perfect for getting that snappy, chic, Parisian-inspired look.

summer dress and trench vest trench style vest outfit belted trench vest

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