5 Oversized Scarves You Need this Winter

Scarves are one of the best and most useful accessories for the colder months of fall and winter. I personally think they’re the ultimate accessory for these seasons. This year, going oversized is the trend and you either go big or go home. Oversized scarves are perfect if you want a statement accessory to go with a simple outfit or if you’re spending winter in a really cold place. Here are some oversized scarves that every fashionista needs this winter.

  1. FUR COWL SCARF – an oversized fur cowl scarf is the must have accessory you need in your life if you live where it snows real hard and it gets real cold but you have no choice but to step outside and live your life. It’s warm, it comfy and, most of all, it’s super chic and glamorous.oversized fur scarf and parka
    oversized fur scarf
  2. KNITTED SCARF – knitted scarves have long been a staple in our winter wardrobes so this year, why not take it up a notch and go oversized? Oversized knitted scarves are so fluffy, comfy and warm, you’ll never want to take them off! I always prefer chunkier kinds of knit on anything for winterwear, including scarved. Chunky knit styles have so much more texture and detail to them, they make any outfit look more interesting.knitted scarf and pullover outfit knitted gray scarf
  3. BLANKET SCARF – blanket scarves are already oversized to begin with so why not throw one in to your winter wardrobe if you’re looking for new scarves to add to your collection? Blanket scarves are perfect for people who fly frequently because they can double as an extra blanket during your flight, especially in winter when the plane is a hundred times colder than it usually is and you have to sit through a long haul flight.blanket scarf checkered blanket scarf and leather jacket
  4. INFINITY SCARF – an oversized infinity scarf is a great accessory for people who are always on the go since very minimal styling needs to be done with this one. Just drape it on around your neck and you’re good to go.infinity scarf outfit infinity scarf and striped top
  5. BRIGHT SCARF – for a bright and bold statement, drape on a bright oversized scarf. This is a great accessory to wear if you have a plain and simple outfit and you want your scarf to be the focal point of your look. It’s also a nice way to inject some color to an otherwise dark and dull winter ensemble. If you really want your scarf to pack a punch, opt for a colorful oversized scarf instead of one in a solid color.

bright pink scarf bright scarf multicolored

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