5 Outfit Ideas: What To Wear At An Office Party

The Occasion: Office Party.
The Problem: An outfit apropos to the occasion.

You would think that office parties will be any less intimidating than regular work. But the sad thing is, while it’s a party, it is still mandated by your company. And that means no dancing on the table or provocative outfits that you might wear on other kinds of parties.

We may not like our works all the time but they pay the bills—and the shopping, of course. And we want to build a good impression on our bosses. Thus, dress codes must be followed. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring your nine-to-five suit overtime. Wear an outfit in line with the event while keeping things professional and businesslike. Here are 5 tips on what to wear at an office party.

The first thing that you have to know when attending an office party is the culture of your work environment. If you work in a conservative environment, you have to go for a conservative outfit as well. No matter, there are tailored clothes that are sleek and yet if you add something dressy—a silk top, for instance—that look will be office-party appropriate.metallic midi skirt

sleek and simple outfit

Sometimes you don’t have to go far off from the usual office outfit silhouette. A blouse and skirt will just do the trick. But remember, you have to be in line with the event at hand. Add a festive element into your usual blouse-and-skirt outfit combo. This could be in the form of either a statement top or skirt. It can’t be both since you still want professionalism to be present in what you wear.printed midi skirt statement top

Dresses that are tailored to fit—not skin-tight but also not too slouchy—are the dresses often used for office parties. Now there’s the question on whether you can wear flowing dresses at an office party. The short answer is yes. However, this depends on the dress and how you will put an outfit together with it. For the colder seasons, it’s best to layer a calf-length dress under a blazer. To put it differently: always have something tailored to incorporate into any outfit with flowing dresses.floral dress Emma Watson dress

Laces and velvets may be a little risky to wear at an office party. But you will be safe if you stay with lace or velvet clothes that are not too provocative, obviously. If you do have a loose dress code in your office, you can go for a halter lace top like below and if it’s too cold, slip on a white blazer that will complement the navy blue and orange outfit.navy blue lace top velvet dress

Dark and muted tones are the ideal colors for the office and at any work-related occasions. And while you may want to wear bold and pastel colors with care, you can still add them into your office party attire. One bold or pastel piece in your outfit will be enough to make a statement. Keep the rest in neutral colors that will harmonize the said piece of clothing.pastel spring coat dark bold dress

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