5 Non Cheesy Ways to Get Matchy with Your Man

Getting your man to agree with you in going matchy-matchy with each other can be hard. Most men think that doing so makes them look less masculine but as women, we love cute mushy stuff like that. Besides, who doesn’t love Hollywood couples who go matchy matchy when they’re out? I personally think it’s a cute way to make a statement together and a cute way to show your love. Here are clever and non cheesy ways to get matchy with your man. Try them out and he might just agree to do it.

  1. Do a denim based look – when it comes to being unisex fashion pieces, denim is always a safe choice. If you and your man are thinking of doing a matching couple look, you can do a denim based outfit that both of you will be comfortable with. Denim on denim is a trend that works fantastically well on both men and women so you might want to give that trend a shot.denim based couple outfit
    denim based outfit matching style
  2. Find at least one thing in common to wear – dressing up and getting matchy doesn’t mean you should match each other piece by piece from head to toe. If your man thinks the trend You can achieve the look even just by wearing at least one matching piece like shoes or shirts or even just jewelry. You can also get the look by wearing matching pieces with brand logos for a more subtle look.one piece match blazer one piece match sweater
  3. Get custom made pieces done – on the other hand, if you and your man have agreed to go all out on couple dressing, the best way to get it done is to get custom made pieces. His and hers clothing aren’t very easy to spot in stores but they abound online and are even available for customization.custom made tops custom made matching pieces
  4. Create a theme – another subtle way to do the couple dressing trend without ending up with a cheesy and corny look is to simply create a theme that you both can use as a ‘guide’ when coming up with outfits. Preppy couple outfits are perfect for self-proclaimed nerdy and geeky lovers. For those who want something more sophisticated and posh, a sharp black-and-white look would be nice. Think of a theme that you both would be comfortable with and go with that.style themed outfit preppy style themed base athletic
  5. Match your colors – matching the colors you wear is the easiest and also the subtlest way to take on the couple dressing trend and get matchy with your man. Create a color palette that you both can wear and plan your outfits around that palette. You don’t have to have much color in there, too, even one or two colors would work perfectly fine, especially because men aren’t very fond of wearing too many bright hues.

color themed outfit color themed outfit in dark neutrals

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