5 New Ways To Wear Shorts This Fall

Shorts is an article of clothing we would usually wear during hot days and nights or during the warmer seasons of spring and summer. But we have recently found the easiest way to wear them during the colder seasons of autumn and winter: layering them over leggings or tights.

This made shorts reasonably wearable even if the weather is cold. Leggings or tights layered under shorts is a common street style look during these cold seasons. But what if you feel like such outfit looks outdated for fall? Well, you can always delay the use of tights or leggings until well into the final leg of autumn and at the start of winter. So how will you get that autumn vibe with your shorts at the early days of fall, when the breeze isn’t that cold yet? Below are 5 new ways to wear shorts during fall.

  1. Go for velvet or leather shorts
    One very simple way to start getting your shorts into the fall feel is by wearing shorts of heavy or thick fabrics. Leather and velvet are great examples for this. But you may also try tweed or any other textile that are thick. An additional tip is to choose shorts of dark colors. It’s time to stash away those white shorts and save them for the spring or summer.velvet shorts for fall
    leather shorts for fall
  2. Wear an outerwear
    Basically, any coat or jacket would do. But to transition your shorts from summer to fall, I would highly suggest opting for trench coats or anything long, something that would hang at your thighs or even be longer than your shorts’ hemline. This would add a wee bit of protection to your thighs for that occasional cold breeze.pepper gray coat and shorts for fall navy coat and shorts for fall
  1. Take out the OTKs and thigh highs
    The moment the fall season starts, it is best to take out those over-the-knees and thigh highs out of the storage because fall is their time to shine. Even if you don’t wear tights or leggings during the earlier parts of fall, thigh high or OTK boots would still be able to keep you warm and cozy and very ready for fall.thigh high boots and shorts for fall over the knee boots and shorts for fall
  1. Opt for the Bermuda cut
    Bermuda shorts is not as popular as cutoffs or the regular cut. They are often worn in androgynous styled outfits. But I find them really excellent shorts to wear for cold seasons as they cover almost the entire thigh. And it’s like the cut is made for these colder seasons because they could easily be transitioned from summer to autumn.bermuda shorts outfit for fall bermuda shorts for fall
  2. Layer, layer, layer
    For the early part of autumn, I believe you can get away with just two layers of clothing in the upper half of your outfit. This means a top and an outerwear. But as the temperature continue to drop, the more layers you add into an outfit, the cozier you will be. Somewhere around the middle of autumn, slipping on an almost translucent tights is reasonable. But you can still postpone leggings until winter starts.layered shorts outfit for fall layered outfit shorts for fall


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