5 New Trends to Try this February

It’s the middle of February and you might be tired with your usual get-ups. Add spice to your love month outfits with these new trends to try out.


Yee-ha! Fringe is back and it’s here to stay! Reminiscent of the wild wild west, Fringe is one of the new trends to try out this month. Present in most clothes, fringe can help you evoke the rustic western flair. If you want a minimalist fringe look, skip the coats, shirts, and skirts and opt for fringed booties instead.

black fringe skirt

fringe dress fringe shoes

Asymmetrical Top

Symmetry is out, asymmetry is in! With that being said, one of the new trends to try this February is the asymmetrical top. The non-balance of the top can help you create a hip, mysterious look. Because of the nature of this top, it is best worn with high-waisted bottoms – be it pants or skirt – so you don’t have to show much of your midsection flesh.

white asymmetrical top asymmetric sweater green asymmetrical top

Dress Over Pants

Layering is essential this February, even if Spring is coming up soon. If you are tired of the usual layering styles, then one of the new trends to try out this February is the dress over pants combo. A hands-down fashion week favorite, this pairing allows you to wear your thin, frilly dresses – without freezing your limbs out. For added warmth, you can throw on a coat or blazer. Talk about looking like a high-end fashion blogger at work.

striped dress over pants cocktail dress and pants sweater dress over pants

Cropped Flare Pants

Flare pants have made a huge comeback last year, but it seems that its reign is still not over. Its’ smaller sister, the cropped flare pants, are making huge waves nowadays. Loved by models and fashion bloggers alike, the cropped flare pants have become one of the new trends that you ought to try this February. Perfect with almost any top, cropped flare pants can be worn at work or at play. Wear yours with your strappy heels for a sexy style that will command the looks of many.

cropped jeans cropped flares cropped denim

Lace-up Shoes

Gladiator shoes were all the rage last summer. Unfortunately, these are not the new trends to try this February. For this cold season, you can step up your A-game with its more fashionable sister, the lace-up shoes. Truly sophisticated, it can add some flair and drama to your boring tee and jeans outfit. In fact, it can be the statement accessory that you are ever going to need for the rest of the month.

black lace up shoes bella hadid lace up shoes lace up shoes

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