5 More Layering Tips for Cold Weather

Although spring is fast approaching, one can still feel the nippiness in the air. And for the days when the temperatures plummet down, worry not as you don’t have to settle with the usual layering styles. Be a trendsetter with these chic layering tips for cold weather.

Cardigan + Jacket

There are days when a cardigan will hardly be enough. For these moments, the layering tips for cold weather dictate adding another layer to your outfit. In this case, a stylish addition for warmth is the jacket. Try combining different colors that complement each other for a look that is as sunny as last year’s summer.

jacket over cardigan

cardigan and jackettweed jacket over cardigan

Sweater + Sweater

Now who says that a sweater over sweater combo can make you look fatter? Although this can be the case, you can make this pairing wonderfully warming simply by following the layering tips for cold weather. The key is to mixing a thinner, finer sweater with a chunkier one. Let the sleeves of the inner one show off for a preppy look.

sweater on top of sweatersweater over sweater

Button-Down Top + Dress

Want a work-worthy attire without looking like a burlap sack? Then what you need to do is follow the layering tips for cold weather. One outfit you ought to try out is the button-down top and dress combo. Fabulously stylish, it can help you look the part of the office vixen. Apart from that, you get to use the colorful summer dress you have wanted to wear for so long.

alexa chung dress top and dressfrilly dress

Anything + Vest

When it comes to layering tips for cold weather, nothing else comes close to the fabulousness – and the usefulness of the vest. The perfect nippy weather topper, it can transform your drab outfit into a chic and stylish one. Most importantly, there are many ways to style up with your vest. If you want a hip, devil-may-care look, wear your vest open all the way down. But if you want a sleeker, work-appropriate look, then cinch your vest with a good belt.

belted vest long vest

Socks + Heels

A good pair of heels is essential for every lady. But in this cold weather, one can’t help but swap her fab stilettos for a warming pair of sneakers. If you’ve grown weary of this trend, then make sure to try any of the chic layering tips for cold weather. One you should experiment with is the socks and heels combo, reminiscent of the socks and sandals pairing of the bygone summer. It has the same fashion appeal – keeping you warm while you wear your favorite pair of heels.

Paris Fashionweek day5, outside Chloé, pernille teisbaek

Paris Fashionweek day5, outside Chloé, pernille teisbaek

socks with booties socks with heels

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