5 Modern Ways to Wear Retro Floral

Wearing prints is a means of adding some dimension, personality, and fun to your typical and basic outfits. Though floral prints are very feminine and gentle, retro floral ones scream vintage and old. However, even if they practically look retro, these prints can still be worn in a modern way.

  1. Dress up your retro floral prints with sophisticated and modern accessories.

floral apron dress with bright shoes

floral romper with heels floral skirt with chic top

Instead of wooden accessories, tribal-inspired bracelets, vintage cowboy boots, or even suede footwear, opt for modern and sophisticated accessories that can give a contemporary vibe to your outfit. Think of a chic floppy hat, statement sunglasses, jeweled necklace, bright colored shoes, metallic clutch, or stiletto heels that weren’t present in the vintage times. This way, you can wear your retro floral ensembles that can instantly look modern with the help of few accessories.

  1. Alter your retro floral ensembles into modern cuts, structure, and fit.

floral blue matching set with cute clutch floral print maxi dress with leather jacket floral red crop top and skirt floral romper with sneakers retro floral skirt sheer top with floral skirt

If you think your retro floral dresses look too old for you, alter them yourself or befriend a tailor to get it done for you. Since vintage outfits are conservative in structure and often shapeless in silhouette, alter them by cutting excess length, adding some high slit, adjusting the loose fit, or create some asymmetric lines that will turn them into modern looks. Transforming a retro floral dress that’s vintage into a matching crop top and skirt is modern. Plunging necklines, short hemlines, and body tight fit are some examples of modern structures of clothing. Anything that looks sexy, revealing, and unique is modern.

  1. Wear your retro floral ensembles with modern and classic pieces.

distressed jeans with floral top floral blouse with denim shorts floral leggings with chambray topfloral blazer with miniskirt structured blazer with floral skirt skinny jeans with retro floral bouse

If you can’t do anything to turn your retro floral printed piece look modern, maybe you can pair modern ensembles with them to create a modern outfit. Cutoff denim shorts, miniskirts, leggings, sheer blouse will look great with your retro floral pieces. Just skip other denim items that can make your retro floral ensembles look more vintagey like flared jeans, button front skirts, suede vests, fringe jackets and such.

  1. Play on colors and prints to make your retro floral prints look modern.

floral blazer with striped dress pastel top with pink floral skirt red top with floral skirt

Traditionally, retro floral prints are in muted shades and the flowers are usually arranged in very simplistic patterns. So, spice them up by clashing them with other prints like stripes, as print mixing style is a modern fashion trend. Instead of teaming your prints with the timeless black and white shade, go for bold and classic shades of red, blue, purple, pink, or even go wild in the fluorescent and blinding colors of neon.

  1. Go for quirky and playful shades of your retro floral prints.

colorful retro floral dress quirky retro floral prints colorful floral blouse with dress pants

Basically, retro floral prints are muted and simple in design, but there are still some colorful and quirky versions you may opt for. Just keep in mind that styles of the previous decades are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, so you can amazingly pull off retro floral clothes in one throwback style. Indeed, pulling off retro floral prints and making them look modern is quite tricky. Just keep the essence of modernity in your fashion senses and you can pull them off fashionably.

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