5 Modern Ways to Wear Loafers

Remixing classics with trendy pieces is in itself a trend that defines our fashion era. Timeless classics like loafers can be successfully incorporated into any modern style creating a fashion-forward and personalized outfit. Even though you find them frumpy, stumpy, and overly classic, these loafers can still give you a great style while keeping you relaxed and comfortable. Keep on scrolling for our 5 modern ways of wearing loafers.

  1. Casual Chic Style

casual chic outfit with loafers

peasant blouse with high waist jeansclassic button down shirt with loafers denim shorts and simple tee with loafers

Loafers are slip-on flat shoes with high vamps that come in a variety of styles, some of which are more casual than others, some have tassels or fringe, and some are heeled. They offer more comfort as its practical slip-on integrity tends the shoes to stay securely on the foot, unlike the ballet flat, which tends to fall off. Think of your favorite denim items as they work really well with tapered cropped pants, cuffed boyfriend jeans, rolled straight leg jeans, form-fitting skinny jeans, denim skirts, and denim shorts. Just keep the color of your shoes low contrast whether you’re wearing jeans or just your bare legs to create a longer leg line.

  1. Sophisticated Style

skinny pants with fur jacket trench coat with white denim jeans and loafers white jeans with tank top and blazerchic outfit with loafers

Whether you wish to wear a skirt, dress, or dressy pants on your street style, loafers can give a great complement to your outfit. Just pick the ones with more sophisticated style like loafers in neutral shades of black, loafers in patent leather finish, loafers in metallic colors, or even loafers with chic embellishments. This way, you’ll make our footwear a part of your outfit statement. When wearing black pants, better opt for black-colored loafers for elongating your leg line making you look taller than you actually are.

  1. With Colorful Outfits

bright knitted top with denim shorts colorful coat with black outfit and loafers bright coat with all black outfit and loafers

Make your classic shoes look modern by pairing them with bright or even neon colors like yellows, tangerine, mint green, hot pink, cobalt blue and such. Remember, bright and neon colors are not classic and vintage as they’re too loud, eye-catching, and statement-making. So wearing these shades with your vintage-y and classic loafers will update the look in an instant. Think of knitted tops, bright coats, neon blazers, hot pink pants, or even brightly-colored accessories that can give you a modern feel.

  1. With Creative Prints

blue striped blouse with loafers abstract print dress with loafers colorful coat with black outfit and loafers loafers with striped pants

Wearing creative prints and patterns can even make your typical outfit modern and trendy. Just choose colorful prints over muted and subdued ones. Novelty prints, quirky prints, abstract prints, graphic prints, and even artistic patterns can be great choices. On the other hand, if you choose to wear them with classic prints like houndstooth, tartan, plaids and such will only make them look more classic and vintage-y.

  1. Eclectic Fashion Style

eclectic coat with casual outfit edgy outfit with loafers novelty shirt with coat and culottes oversized shirt with denim jeans eclectric dress with platform loafers

Eclectic fashion style is a modern and trendy way of expressing your individuality through your clothes. If you don’t have some unique and trendy pieces in your closet, wear your basic outfits in creative layers or styles just to make them look eclectic. Whether you choose to wear oversized pieces all at once, or just wear them with fitted ensembles, creating an eclectic look must define your personality and moods through your fashion style.

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