5 Modern Ways to Rock a Retro-Chic Look

Retro-chic is one of the iconic styles in the past that are now making a comeback with modern twists. You don’t have to worry as you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the Roaring 20s or flappers to rock this look. From the bold geometric prints of the 60s to the flared bottoms made popular in the 50s, here are 5 modern ways to rock a retro-chic look.

  1. Wear retro sunglasses, hats, or shoes to your street looks.

checkered dress with cute boots

leopard print cat eye sunglasses retro belt with vintage skirt and white top retro chic hat with white dress rounded sunnies with white top yellow bag with cobalt blue outfit and yellow bow headband

In the ’40s and ’50s, you had to wear accessories that matched and coordinated with your outfits. However, those rules were broken down in the late ’60s so you don’t have to wear retro accessories head-to-toe. Instead, invest in some cool, retro sunglasses to channel the retro feel effortlessly. Oversized cat eye frames and rounded sunnies are a great selection on top of bow headbands, retro boots, wide belts, and doctor’s bags that scream the retro fashion. Don an oversized structured purse for all your essentials and modernize your look with flowing locks and a hair bow for a sassy final touch.

  1. Go for retro details on your outfits to wear with contemporary styles.

flared pants with off shoulder floral top and hat polka dots pussy bow maxi dress pussy bow top with nautical scarf and bag retro checkered dress with knee high boots flared jeans with white blouse and trench coat collared dress with pearl choker and socks with pumps

Flared pants, puffy sleeves, and pussy bow details are some of the trademarks of the retro fashion that still look stylish and chic in our modern times. ’70s pants really hugged the butt, the thighs, and had that lean leg. So, to balance the billowing silhouette, you may think of wearing it with a fitted top, a plunging neckline, or even an-off shoulder blouse to show your curves in a flattering way. To keep the flared trend looking modern, you may think of replacing the tight tops for something more relaxed and oversized. Remember, retro fashion wasn’t about showing much skin as it was about revealing your body through the cuts. The ’70s were a time when people were highlighting the fit, healthy, athletic but curvy body, and the clothes emphasized that.

  1. Add some interest to your looks with geometric or retro floral prints.

geometric print dress with retro sunglasses and shoes striped dress with valentino shoes retro sunglasses with checkered dress retro floral skirt with gray top and cap toe shoes retro black and white striped dress with cap toe shoes polka dots top with black leggings gingham dress with structured bag

Psychedelic prints are 1970s style that is back in heavy rotation. However, if you think those kinds of prints are too much for you, you may stick to classic black-and-white stripes, polka dots, geometric prints, or even retro floral patterns to keep your looks retro-inspired. Build the base of your outfit with a fun, patterned dress in a perfect fit. A fitted waist and flowing silhouette may be chic enough, as well as feminine designs like floral and tropical motifs.

  1. Don’t be afraid of bright colors.

cobalt blue dress with yellow bag and bow headband rainbow striped sequin dress pastel striped coat with vintage dress green midi skirt with cashmere top electric blue boxy coat with scarf and boots

Though the decade’s color palette was dominated by rich earth tones like rust, dusty rose, teal, browns, and mustard, you can still wear bright colors to give your retro-chic look a modern look while bringing the element of ’70s style to your everyday look. Instead of decking yourself out in obnoxious 80s head-to-toe neon, be more selective and balance your brightly colored pieces with neutral ones. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may pair your bright green midi skirt with a plain cashmere top and finish your looks with gold accessories to add some sophisticated vibe to your retro-chic outfit.

  1. Explore fabrics and textiles that look modish and retro.

patent leather skirt with cashmere sweater tweed dress with tribal necklace sweater with sheer skirt and modern sandals retro one shoulder dress with flat boots

Suede was the fabric of the ’70s, used in all sorts of silhouettes including dresses, capes, and skirts. However, the fabric itself, especially in the earthy shades of rust, brown, and camel, tend to make your style a bit outdated. So, modernize your look by exploring other fabrics and textiles that could look put-together for a retro look, but still versatile for wearing to the office and casual chic weekends. Like suede, patent leather and tweed held the shape of your silhouette and wouldn’t get easily crumpled, that’s very appealing for the woman on the go.

Since we’re on the side of fashion having no boundaries, we definitely encourage you to get creative with your retro-chic fashion incorporating styles, colors, and designs that show your personality.

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