5 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Work Outfits

Expressing yourself even on your office looks may be fun. However, you must be careful bending fashion rules when working in a professional environment as having a great style isn’t an excuse for frumpy clothing. So, avoid the 5 common wardrobe mistakes you might be making with your work outfits by replacing them with these foolproof ideas.

  1. Dressing too casually or too formally.

all black outfit with leather jacket

casual office outfit with slides and backpack office outfit with structured bag and ballet flats

Dressing too casually in jeans, and too formally with chiffon maxi dresses will both make your office looks inappropriate. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a pair of dressy Bermuda shorts instead of a pair of trendy jeans that will look appropriate if you’re working in a casual environment. Also, you may also go for a chic pair of leather trousers to add some modern vibe to your office looks like fashion blogger Lara Caspari did. Once you’ve learned the tricks, you’ll be able to create work outfits that are creative while keeping your credibility in the office.

  1. Wearing flashy colors and neon accents.

green top with cobalt blue capri pants neon yellow pumps with printed office outfit neon yellow top with a line skirt

If your job is a new gig, keep your wardrobe’s colors quiet until you’ve had a chance to gain credibility as neon colors belong to after-hours. When your workplace is a creative environment that requires modern and fashion forward dress code, start with a pair of brightly-colored pumps. Going for a neon-yellow button-down blouse may work if you’re going to pair it with a muted skirt like Mary Orton did. However, if you’re still unsure, better resort to pastel shades that will keep you safe.

  1. Wearing shoes that hurt.

boyfriend blazer with office outfit classic office dress with sling shoes metallic flat shoes with office outfit

There’s a saying that no pain no gain in fashion that most women are willing to endure painful shoes just to look fashionable. But when your favorite stilettos are so painful you can’t concentrate, your productivity will suffer, and your team will notice. So, look for a pair of shoes with a great fit and comfortable cushion to keep your feet comfortable. Remember, you can look great without sacrificing comfort, so save your killer stilettos for the weekend, and check out some classic pumps you can actually focus in.

  1. Accessorizing with loud accessories.

asymmetrical heels and statement necklace with chic outfit harem pants with candy striped top and silk scarf statement necklace with marsala outfit

Statement necklaces may work well with your office outfit depending on its style, color, and size. If you’re working in a fashion industry office like Miroslava Duma, an eccentric pendant can spice up your marsala outfit while looking appropriate at the office. But if you’re working in non-fashion related offices that don’t value fashion-forward and trendy styles, better resort to traditional necklaces that look simple and elegant.

  1. Trusting the cardigan instead of a blazer or coat.

checkered blazer with trousers and cobalt blue bag coat with winter outfit nude top with white blazer and pants

Instead of a well-worn cardigan, reach for a tailored blazer or coat which can be comfortable but looks more polished. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, simply opt for printed matching set of blazer and trousers that look creative and professional. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish and appropriate at work all the time.

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