5 Miranda Kerr Style Tips to Live By

Miranda Kerr is a hot model and an even hotter momma who many ladies idolize. While she is always decked in expensive outfits, do you know that you can look like her – for a fraction of the cost? Be able to achieve the supermodel’s sensational looks by following these Miranda Kerr style tips.

It’s All About Your Personal Style

Although Miranda Kerr has many designer duds in her closet, she doesn’t believe in splurging in expensive labels just to achieve a fashionable look. Miranda actually looks up to her nana, who taught her that money is not the key to looking good. As such, one of the Miranda Kerr style tips that you need to remember is it’s all about how you put things together. The way you carry yourself is the primary thing that will make you look stylish in the eyes of many.

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Find What Works

Wearing the newest trends is not the key to looking stylish, according to one of the profound Miranda Kerr style tips. Although the former Mrs. Bloom can always rock the catwalk’s newest pieces, she prefers wearing clothes that work on her body shape and stature. She believes that dressing oneself in body-beautifying items is one of the best ways to look good – and have fun – all at the same time!

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Invest in Simple, Well-Tailored Pieces

While most models prefer wearing unique, haute couture clothes – Miranda actually believes in the opposite. The doting mother to Flynn actually prefers simple, well-tailored pieces that make her feel fashionably comfortable. This is actually one of the easiest Miranda Kerr style tips to follow – even if you don’t aspire to look like the model. By investing in classic pieces, you can create many tasteful looks that you can take to the office – even to your friend’s garden wedding.
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Creaseless is the Way to Go

Although Miranda has a bevy of assistants that can retouch her look when need be, the model prefers dressing in clothes that don’t crease easily. According to Miranda Kerr style tips, wearing items made from nylon, polyester, Lycra, denim, and cotton is a great way to look fashionable – without worrying about ugly creases and what not.

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White Dresses are <3

Little black dresses are classic investments, without a doubt. But for the spring and summer seasons, Miranda Kerr style tips recommend going with beautiful white dresses. Apart from looking divine and immaculate, white dresses actually complement all skin tones. Whether you have alabaster white skin or an ebony tone, you’ll look as stylish as Miranda Kerr with the right white dress.

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