5 Memorable Celebrity Hairstyles that will Redefine your Look

More than just their on-screen talents, celebrities are venerated for their fashion styles and great hairdos. If you want to have a unique look that is reminiscent of your idols and icons, then make sure to try these memorable celebrity hairstyles.

Miley Cyrus: Pixie Cut

Granted that it was Michelle William who popularized the pixie cut, it cannot be denied that Miley’s version was one of the best short celebrity hairstyles. Like Michelle, she managed to perfect the look by dousing her locks in a platinum blonde hue. Although this haircut is pretty short, you can create multiple looks simply by following Miley’s varying styles. You can look sweet with a swept pixie, or look grungy hot with after-bed tousled tresses.

miley pixie cut

miley bob

Natalie Dormer: Half-Shaved Hair

Although her half-shaved hair was primarily for the Hunger Games movie, Natalie’s movie ‘do has become one of the edgiest celebrity hairstyles of the recent year. While the side-swept hair looks good on its own, you can braid a bunch of your hair for a half-romantic, half-punk chic look.

natalie dormer shaved hair natalie hairstyle

Zendaya: Dreadlocks

If you are after a reggae chic look, then Zendaya’s celebrity hairstyles with dreadlocks should serve as your fashion inspirations. Although this is for casual events, the young star has proven that it can be worn on the red carpet as well. While dreadlocks might be troublesome, a good thing about it is you can have it for the months to come. The only downside of such celebrity hairstyles? You can’t wash your locks as often as you want to.

zendaya dreadlocks zendaya hair

Kim Kardashian: Platinum Blonde

Kim often shifted from brunette to honey blonde, but she never went beyond the spectrum. As for her hair length, it was often long. That’s why her platinum lob has been dubbed as one of the most memorable celebrity hairstyles of the past decade. If you are looking for a refreshing hairstyle this spring, then Kim’s platinum lob is one of the celebrity hairstyles that you should try out.

kim blonde hair kim k blonde

Ruth Bell: Buzz Cut

If you are not afraid to lose your hair – literally – then why not go for Ruth Bell’s buzz cut? The model’s unique hairstyle (or lack of it) actually landed her a gig with fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. While the buzz cut is obviously not new (it was sported by Sinead O’ Connor before,) it is one of the celebrity hairstyles that requires somebody with a lot of guts!

ruth bell hair ruth bell buzz cut

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