5 Ladylike Ways to Wear a Suit

With the menswear trend getting really popular among us ladies, many staple pieces from the guys’ closets are becoming staples in ours as well and that includes suits. Suits used to be something only guys would wear but now, the ladies are starting to wear more of these, too, and it’s quite stunning. I would have never thought that menswear inspired outfits, suits particularly, could look so sexy but apparently they can. If you don’t believe me, just look up celebrities wearing suits on the red carpet. If you’re afraid of looking too manly in one, check out these ladylike ways to wear a suit.

  1. BUY A SUIT FOR LADIES – just because you’re going for the menswear inspired trend doesn’t mean you should be shopping at the menswear department. Suits for ladies are much different from that of men’s. They’re tailored to give you a nice fit that will still, somehow, let you show off your curves and create a more womanly silhouette.white suit for ladies
    ladies navy suit
  2. WEAR YOUR SUIT IN COLOR – another way to make a menswear inspired suit look more ladylike is to wear it in color. Wearing an all black suit can be a bit too manly for some and it does have the tendency to give you a tomboy-ish hint to your look, especially if you have a boyish built. Choose a softer neutral color if you want to go all out on the feminine vibes or go for statement colors that pack a punch if you want to let your fashionista side shine through.bright blue suit chic fall suit outfit
  3. LOOK FOR SOFT AND SUBTLE FEMININE DETAILS – ditch the typical suit and look for something with a soft and subtle feminine detail if you want to rock yours with a ladylike vibe. This could be anything from more ornate buttons to lace trimmings or ruffles. Having these little details may not seem like much but they’re great if you don’t want too much of that masculine vibe from sporting a menswear inspired look.skirt suit in pink taylor swift in a suit
  4. ACCESSORIZE – accessorizing is the last and one of the most important steps when creating any look and when you’re wearing a suit that you want to give a ladylike look to, this step shouldn’t be missed. Simply pinning an elegant little brooch to your suit can already transform it and give it a girly touch.zendaya black and white suit accessorized suit
  5. WEAR IT WITH HEELS – this is the easiest and quickest way to give your suit a ladylike spin. If you’re going for a full-on menswear inspired look, feel free to style your suit with low cut sneakers or even loafers but if you want it to get that girly look, wearing heels is where it’s at.

red suit and nude blouse emma watson suit and heels

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