5 Iconic Shoes – and What to Wear with Them

You might be a stiletto fan or a sneakerhead – but no matter what happens, there are iconic shoes that will unleash the lady in you. If you want to attain a signature style that most can only dream off, then these are the world’s best iconic shoes – and what you can wear with ’em.

Pigalle by Christian Louboutin

Pigalle puts the iconic in “iconic shoes.” Inspired by a neighborhood in Paris, the Pigalle is known for its strong pointed toe and sexy stiletto heel. What’s great about this beautiful shoe is that you can wear it to work – or to after-work events as well.

You can never go wrong with black – so why not wear your LBD with your patent black Pigalles?
pigalle and LBD

For a sexy yet casual look, wear your Pigalles with a button-down shirt and sexy trouser pants.

pigalle rihanna outfitpigalle casual outfit

Hangisi by Manolo Blahnik

Known to many as Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding shoes, Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi proves to be one of the world’s most iconic shoes. Although its crystal-encrusted square makes it formal footwear, you can still wear it with your casual clothes. Case in point, the pretty girls below wearing their Hangisis with folded cropped pants.

manolo hangisi outfit manolo blahnik shoes But still, you can commit to the Hangisi’s timeless style by wearing it with a sophisticated dress, such as the one below:

hangisi and blue dress

Rockstuds by Valentino

If you want to look ladylike with much edge, then the iconic shoes that you are looking for is Valentino’s Rockstuds. Although it’s often worn with casual clothes, you can still wear it with your favorite dresses. A good example is the one below:

rockstuds and dress

Of course, you can never go wrong with Rockstuds and your ripped jeans. For best results, pair your Valentinos with boyfriend jeans to balance the volume with the sexiness of the shoes.

valentino rockstuds outfits

Ballet Flats by Chanel

If you dislike iconic shoes with heels, fret not because you can still walk in comfort with Chanel’s signature ballet flats. As with most flat shoes, Chanel’s iconic shoes look great with a tee and jeans tandem.

chanel ballet flats

While Chanel’s ballet flats are good for spontaneous strolls, they can be taken to work as well. A dress or button-down polo, vest, and black trousers combo are just some of the work clothes you can blend seamlessly with Chanel’s iconic shoes.

dress and chanel shoes chanel flats outfit

Chuck Taylors by Converse

If you are a sporty girl, then your iconic shoes are Converse’s Chuck Taylors. Available in many colors, it looks best with virtually anything. While you can’t take it to work (unless your boss is totally for casual Friday,) you can wear your Chucks with a flirty dress or a maxi skirt and still look elegant.

black dress and chuck taylors chucks and dress

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