5 Hot Shoe Trends You’ll Love This Year

The year has just begun, but our social media and news feeds are already swimming in up and coming trends that we just can’t be more excited to try. Personally, what I’m super excited for are shoe trends. I think it’s interesting how shoes can make or break a woman’s look. They’re not just something to protect your feet with, but could also be the focal point of your whole look. If you love shoes and you’re excited for this year’s shoe trends like me, check these out.


  1. Sexy strappy sandals – if you feel like your outfit is too plain and too boring, statement shoes might just do the trick for you. Sexy, strappy heels are loved by women of all heights and sizes because they add instant drama to your look. They’re bold, but not too loud which is perfect if you’re looking for a statement shoe that would also work with your everyday street style (and maybe even casual) look. sexy strappy sandlas with leather skirt
    strappy sexy lace up sandals
  2. Sports sandals – there’s something about the 90s that we just can’t quite let go. Every year, we try to revive a trend or two from the ’90s and this year, it looks like sports sandals are making a comeback so if you were able to save a pair of two, it’s time to bust them out. Wondering how you could possibly style your pair? Check out these photos for inspiration.  sports sandals festival style outfit sports sandals with denim skirt coachella style
  3. Boots from the Midwest – no, you don’t have to go to Texas for a shoe shopping spree. Although, if you feel like going there, don’t let us stop you. Cowboy-inspired boots are back with a vengeance. This time, they’re coming back in sexier and more feminine silhouettes and in more fun colors, though we’re still in love with the classic neutrals and the occasional statement red. midwest glam boots outfit midwest lowcut boots outfit
  4. Dressy trainers – while I love heels as much as the next girl, I’d never pass up the opportunity to let my feet rest and just complete my outfit with something comfy like trainers. Thankfully, this year, trainers are in. If you’re not too into sporty looks, you’re in luck because dressy trainers are going to make waves this year. Check out these pics for inspo. dressy sneakers with bow dress gucci sneakers
  5. Animal print – I love anything animal print so you can image my excitement when I started seeing animal print shoes on the runway, predicting their comeback for this year 2019. The key to pulling off animal print shoes without looking like you belong in the jungle is to wear it in moderation. Keep that in mind and you’ll be good to go.printed cheetah sneakers and dress printed sneakers and jeans



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