5 Hairstyle Ideas for the Rainy Days

Spring showers might come when you least expect them. And in case you’re expecting some drizzling these coming days, then it’s best that you prepare your locks as well. Prevent the showers from dampening your spirits with these hairstyle ideas for the rainy days.

Slick Chignon

Whether it’s a light drizzle or a heavy rainstorm, you shouldn’t drench your locks in rainwater. This is especially the case if you are undergoing some hair treatments. Keep them in place by arranging your tresses in slick hairstyle ideas, such as a cute chignon. If you have baby hairs popping out, secure them appropriately with a handful of bobby pins – a bejeweled barrette, even!


chignon hairdo chignon hair

Nutty for Knots

Slick chignons are definitely fine, and are sexy enough to be worn on a glam night out. But if you are in the search for casual hairstyle ideas, then a knotted hair do is ideal for you. With these rainy day hairstyle ideas, you don’t have to worry about needing to use a lot of styling products. Your hair can be messy and have fly-aways, yet they are ‘disorganized’ enough to look good with your knotted hairdo.

knotted hair knotted hairdo knotted hairstyle

Braided Beauty

Braids are more than just great spring hairstyle ideas, they are perfect for the rainy days as well. That’s because the braids can keep your hair at bay – given the unpredictable weather outside. With the many braid hairstyle ideas, you need to remember that the ‘secure’ ones are perfect for a storm-ridden day. Then again, if the sun shines up, you can always unravel your locks and enjoy the curls that come with newly-braided tresses.

braided hairstyle braided hair braid

Heavenly High Puff

Do you have natural hair? The rainy season might make you worry, but it should actually make you happy! That’s because your natural hair can embody several hairstyle ideas, one of which is the high puff. Not only is it easy to do, it saves you from the wet mess that you might come across with. Wrap your high puff with a colorful scarf or bandana (a braid even) to add some punch into your rainy day hairstyle ideas.

high puff hairstyle high puff hair high puff

Sexy Side Pony

If you are pressed for time to wrap your hair in a beautiful braid or a slick chignon, worry not as you can keep your hair dry in a sexy side pony. As one of the easiest hairstyle ideas to do, you can achieve this sleek look in just a few minutes. Disheveled or polished – you can play around with your locks according to your mood.

side pony hair side pony side ponytail

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