5 Haircuts to Try On this Year

Looking good is not just about having a great OOTD – it’s about having a great head of hair as well. Here are some haircuts to try on if you want to have the social media likes and followers that you greatly deserve.

The Great Gatsby

The cheekbone-length bob is one of the hottest haircuts to try on this year. Reminiscent of the 20’s vibe of Louise Brooks and Coco Chanel, it can be worn in a variety of styles and textures. Although it evokes a retro feel, you can wear the Gatsby bob in a totally modern way. It’s all about wearing the hair like you own it!



Go Geometric

If you are thinking of wild haircuts to try on this year, then go for a geometric cut. While it’s often seen on the runways, it’s something you can pull off at the office as well. While you’ll definitely be the talk of the town with your unique hairstyle, you can always tame it down with a bob with sharp edges. If you want a fierce look, know that this is one of the best haircuts to try on.

geometric-haircut geometric-hair

It’s All About the Texture

Textured hair is frowned upon by many, but this autumn, it proves to be one of the best haircuts to try on. Know that a great natural look can be easily achieved as long as you don the right cut. Look at the examples below and you can show the world that textured hair can be oh so hot!

textured-hair textured-bob

Go Bold

You don’t need a rad haircut to be the toast of the town. You can easily change your look just by getting bold, blunt bangs. Whether you have short hair – or long locks – bold, blunt bangs can easily revolutionize your look. And when it grows out, you can own another look. True enough, bangs can revitalize your style whatever season it might be.

bold-bangs blunt-bangss

Baby Spice

One of the haircuts to try on – that is definitely not for the faint of heart – is the baby bangs. This short feature treads dangerous waters, especially if done the right way. However, if you trust your hairstylist with all your heart, the right kind of baby bangs can help accentuate your good features. If worn the right way, baby bangs can help you achieve a fresh look that will surely earn you the respect of your co-workers – and other onlookers even.

baby-bangs baby-bangs-haircut

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