5 Grunge Fashion Tips for Spring with Masha Sedgwick

If you feel tired of all the classic and romantic looks for spring, a grunge look is a cool style to adopt. Bold and outrageous, grunge fashion became one of the most sought-after looks, recognized by details a worn-out, edgy, and daring look. A Berlin-based blogger, Masha Sedgwick is known for her grunge and rock and roll style. If you’re looking for fashion tips on how to get the grunge look this spring season, keep on reading to get her tricks.

  1. Go for distressed jeans and leather trousers for your casual spring outfit.

distressed jeans with black blazer and flat mules

skinny jeans with chunky sweater and lace up heels leather trousers with sweater and shirt edgy trousers with distressed denim jacket distressed jeans with biker jacket

Distressed denim jeans and edgy leather trousers are of the trademarks of grunge fashion. Like Masha, you may even look for trousers with grunge details like stitches, patchworks, rips, holes, studs, and even metallic spikes that will instantly make your spring outfit edgy. Just stick to the traditional colors of black, gray, burgundy, and denim blue on your bottom piece and skip those bright and cherry shades that will take away the grunge look you’re trying to achieve. This way, you’ll get the grunge street style perfect for the season.

  1. Stick to dark shades on your dressy ensembles.

gray grunge dress with black cardigan wide leg shorts with navy top and blazer red bomber jacket with pleated skirt grunge romper with blazer and edgy sandals

Black, gray, and burgundy are the traditional colors present in the grunge fashion, though wearing white, navy, red, and some pops of color won’t hurt you. Like Masha, stick to the stiff fabrics or even lightweight ones except for flirty, romantic, and touch-enticing fabrics that look too feminine and classic. Chic chambray romper, dresses, skirts, and shirts can be a great option when seeking a dressy look. Just polish your spring outfits with edgy footwear and not-so-feminine bags to keep your look grounded that defines the grunge fashion.

  1. Opt for edgy and wild prints and patterns.

grunge leopard print outfit with boots tribal print pants with grunge top tribal print kimono with grunge outfit tribal print blazer with flared pants printed pants with leather jacket grunge outfit with edgy boots

Prints and patterns are generally neutral unless you wear them in an edgy way. Leopard print seems classy and chic, but you can make them suitable for a grunge look by incorporating dark colors or complementing patterns around them. Like Masha, you may wear a collared leopard print dress, but top it off with a patterned sweater with an edgy vibe and a pair of leather boots to make your spring outfit look grunge. Plaids can be neutral, but selecting those versions in the shades of gray, black, olive-green, and navy are non-traditional. You may still go for printed pieces with hints of brights and cheery hues as long as you keep the background color in the shades of black, olive-green, gray and such to keep the look grounded.

  1. Top your spring outfit with biker jackets and denim vests.

biker jacket with white top and printed pants suede jacket with fringed pants structured leather jacket with grunge outfit leather jacket with grunge outfit leather jacket with grunge outfit and hat

A spring must-have, biker jackets made from denim, suede, and leather can also be your preferred outerwear to create a grunge look. Leather is edgy itself, while suede gives off a carefree vibe perfect for the grunge outfit. Like Masha, you may stick to your traditional spring outfits like jeans with a graphic top and just wear a biker jacket to make your street looks a bit edgy and season-appropriate.

  1. Incorporate edgy accessories on your spring outfit.

pink plaid shorts with gray top and navy blazer fringed sandals with grunge outfit fringed leather boots with festive outfit edgy oxfords with bomber jacket and skinny jeans edgy boots with leather trousers and yellow top

Wearing cheery and lively colors on the spring is ideal. But, to make it complement your statement, incorporate some edgy accessories like punk necklace, leather choker, studded bracelets, fringe boots, studded shoes, edgy oxfords, and such to balance the look. This way, you’ll dress for your personality while staying spring-appropriate on your street looks.

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