5 Gorgeous Patterns to Play with for Fall

Fashion Week may be nearing its end, but for the fashionistas out there who are taking inspirations from the runway, it’s only the beginning. It looks like this year’s fall fashion is filled with fun and fashionable prints — great news for those who despise wearing boring, plain, and solid colored pieces. Here are some of the most gorgeous pattern you can play with this fall.


  1. Stripes – stripes are timeless and never out of style, so you can expect this print (and other variations) to always be one of the most popular among fashionistas all year round, especially during fall. Stripes are actually really easy to get away with and even easier to pull off when worn with other prints. Don’t shy away from mixed stripe patterns. Black and white stripes are classic and all, but contemporary stripes are just as stylish.fall-stripes-outfit
  2. Checks and plaids – another staple print pattern that fashionistas love rocking all throughout the fall season are checks and plaids. They’re quintessential in every style enthusiast’s fall closet and they’re the ultimate fall print pattern for those who want something safe yet stylish. If you’re looking for a fall-friendly way to wear more colors (including bright hues), wearing them in plaid patterns is always a good excuse.checks-and-plaids-in-gray checks-and-plaids-classic-fall
  3. Floral greens – bright and vibrant florals never fail to remind us of spring and summer which is why we barely wear these prints during fall. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s forbidden to rock these prints come fall time. If you’re a girly girl who loves wearing all things cute and pretty, I’m sure your closet is loaded with prints like florals. To make them work beyond spring and summer, try opting for greener florals instead of bright ones. Floral prints with darkergreen-florals-taylor-swift green-florals-outfit
  4. Pop Art prints – if you love scrolling through your favorite fashion icon’s Instagram posts, you may have seen a few featured pieces here and there with fun and quirky prints that got you thinking “i wonder if I could pull off those prints.” Well, wonder no more! With the rise in popularity of pop art prints, there’s no more perfect time to give them a go than now.pop-art-lips-outfit pop-art-coat
  5. Houndstooth print – if there’s one print that I’m most excited about the comeback of, it’s the houndstooth print. Some girls may think this isn’t a print that everyone can pull off since it’s a little too mature, but you can actually wear them and maintain a chic vibe.houndstooth-fall-outfit houndstooth-outfit-chic-black-and-white-with-pink


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