5 Fun Winter Nail Art Designs that Look Cute and Cozy

Winter may soon be over but that doesn’t mean we have to give up the things we’ve enjoyed so far, especially those that we can comfortably wear post-winter anyway like nail colors and nail art designs. These past few weeks, I’ve been all about warm, dark, and rich shades like marsala, navy, and even stone gray for nail colors. I think these winter colors are great on their own already but there’s no doubt about them looking even more gorgeous with the help of little extra details. If you’re trying to make the most out of winter nail colors as I am, check out these fun winter nail art designs that look cute and cozy.

  1. Snow Queen style – you don’t have to be a fan of Frozen to appreciate this gorgeous nail art look. Chilly shades of turquoise, snowy shades of white, dainty little snowflakes and some glitter for that extra girly vibe – what’s not to love? Skip the cartoony doodles of Olaf and Sven, though, and keep it classy and chic instead.frozen inspired nails
    frozen movie inspired nails with glitter
  2. Fuzzy nails – there’s no better time to wear anything fuzzy (nails included) than winter! Fuzzy texture evokes the feeling of warmth and coziness and, sometimes, a little bit of that is just what you need to get through a freezing cold winter day. There are a ton of fuzzy nail art kit sets that you can buy from your local beauty supply stores. Check them out and give them a try.fuzzy pink nails with black bow detail fuzzy plain blue nails
  3. Knitted texture – sweater weather calls for knit – inspired nails. To get the texture and look of knits on your nails, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial here or watch this video tutorial here.knitted nails knitted texture on nails
  4. Plaid nails – another cold-weather staple that I love, not just on clothes but on nails as well, is plaid. Plaid nails may seem difficult to do but the secret is actually just using tape as your guide to get straight lines. Scotch tape works well but if you have any of those specialty nail tapes, you can use those instead.plaid red and black nails plaid nails in black and white with red accent nail
  5. Winter French – French nails are making a huge comeback this year and there’s no better time to start wearing this all-time favorite than now. Instead of doing the usual, though, why not customize it a bit to give it a wintery vibe? Winter French nails have tons of variations but, basically, you’ll want a look that uses white, silver, and some glitter.

french winter tips with pink base french winter tips

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