5 Fresh Celebrity Spring Haircuts to Inspire You

Spring cleaning is not only applicable to your home – it is relevant to your look as well! If you want to create a whole new image, then be inspired by these fresh celebrity spring haircuts.

Michelle Williams: Pixie Haircut

If you want to get your handsn revolutionary celebrity spring haircuts, then go all out with Michelle Williams’ pixie haircut. Reminiscent of Ti onkerbell, this rad hairstyle is perfect for ladies who are tired of the usual medium or long hairdos. To get Michelle’s magical look, ask your hairstylist to give you a pixie haircut with lots of textured layers. This will save you from the agony of an awkward hair grow-out.

michelle pixie hair

michelle williams pixie

Ali Larter: A-line Bob

Bobs are ideal celebrity spring haircuts. But if you’re tired of the usual styles, you can step out of the box and opt for Ali Larter’s a-line bob. This hairstyle is hallmarked by a sharp angle in the front. Tuck the hair on one side behind your ears to accentuate the sharp asymmetrical look of the a-line bob.

ali larter bob ali larter bob hair

Rose Byrne: Bob with Bangs

Short celebrity spring haircuts are all the rage nowadays. One of the best examples for this craze is Rose Byrne’s bob with bangs. This face-framing look can give you an edgy yet elegant look. For best results, ask for kind-of lengthy bangs so you can manage these hairs the sophisticated and fashionable way.

rose byrne bob rose bob hair

Cameron Diaz: Long Side Bangs

Sometimes, a new set of bangs is enough to revitalize your look. If you don’t want to chop your layers off, then try long side bangs, just one of the low-key celebrity spring haircuts you will definitely enjoy this spring. Popularized by Cameron Diaz, long side bangs can create a fluid hair movement for most hairstyles, especially with the bob celebrity spring haircuts that are so popular nowadays.

cameron side bangs cameron side bangs hair

Nicole Ritchie: Angled Layers

Want to achieve an earthy, cool chic aura? Then emulate Nicole Ritchie’s angled layers. This is one of the best celebrity spring haircuts to try out if you don’t want to deviate much from your proven and tested medium or long hairstyles. To obtain Nicole’s Hollywood star look, ask your hairstylist to cut your hair beyond shoulder length. Additionally, make sure your locks have the soft edges that the celebrity is well-known for.

Tip: If you have thin hair, avoid having your layers razored. But if you have a thick head of hair, you will benefit a lot from thinned-out edges.

nicole hairstyle nicole hairdo

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