5 Fashion Staples You Should Own Now That You’re a Mom

Investing in fashion staples simply means building a foundation that can handle a few trendy additions each season. If you’re a mom preparing wardrobe staples for your next few time-consuming years, keep on reading for the 5 fashion staples you should own now.

  1. Dark Jeans



Instead of going for ‘mom’s jeans’, fight the stereotype. Like fashion blogger Amber Clark, go for a truly figure-flattering pair of well-fitting dark wash jeans with a good stretch. If you still have your post-baby curves, opt for denim with 2 percent Lycra which will their shape in a much more flattering way. Also, the darker the denim the more slimming it becomes. Truly a foundational item, you can pair your new jeans with a trendy checkered top and sweater perfect for running errands like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu wore.

  1. Chic and Functional Bag

pink-bag-with-striped-outfit pink-outfit-with-oversized-bag

A stylish bag can come in any shape and color, as long as it’s roomy enough to hold extra essentials for you and your baby. A great thing, there’s no reason you can’t tote a fashionable bag as it’s all the rage for designers to create multi-use bags that travel with ease from office to girls’ night out, and double as incognito diaper bags.

  1. Chic Flats

chic-flats-with-lace-dress comfy-dress-with-flats-and-hat chic-loafers-with-printed-dress

This switch to high-comfort footwear doesn’t mean giving up your former stiletto-sporting self. Today’s flats are more fashionable. Some are jeweled, sequined, and even cut-outs that can still make you stylish and fashionable. If you’re wearing flats, the kids can’t outrun you like they could if you were wearing heels. Like fashion blogger Amber Clark, you may opt for a nude pair of loafers that will go well with your dresses and jeans. If you’re in it for comfort, be sure to shop for flats with thickly cushioned pads underfoot that will keep your feet from aching at the end of a long day.

  1. Double-duty Gym Shoes

designer-sneakers-with-casual-cool-outfit sneakers-with-trendy-winter-coat red-sneakers-with-casual-cool-outfit

Because your new baby’s probably more in control of your schedule than you are, wearing the right footwear all day  means you can put in a 10-minute exercise session at a moment’s notice. Look for gym shoes that offer a cushioned heel and arch-hugging support. Designers have introduced nearly endless options for gym-to-casual sneakers that can serve you well without taking a break from your fitness routine for some power shopping.

  1. Trendy Coat

pastel-coat-with-turquiose-pants-and-nude-pumps all-white-outfit-with-burgundy-coat-and-yellow-clutch

An impossibly polished coat can cover a lot of fashion transgressions. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may go for bold colors that will add some personality to your outfits. Your trendy coat is the perfect topping for everything from jeans to work attire good thing, today’s designers are creating versions in sassy reds, classic tartan plaids, and unexpected hues of pastel and neon. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish and functional at all times.

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