5 Fashion Blunders That Can Actually Make You Stylish

Trends come and go, many of them to be resurrected in 20 years and then forgotten again until the next go-round. While some fashion pieces are timeless, others are believed to be fashion blunders as some of them looked cute back in the day, but they’re definitely relics from the past. However, there are still fashion blunders that can actually make you stylish and your favorite style icons and street style star wear them.

  1. Platform Sneakers



There’s nothing wrong with platform shoes as most women resort to them for being stylish and achieving a much taller look at the same time. However, platform sneakers are believed to be a fashion blunder since they had their place among sixth-graders in 1992, and is said to stay firmly in the past. To make the look work for you, think of going for a preppy style teamed with colorful sneakers, or simply copy Janni Deler’s sporty-chic outfit with creeper-like platform sneakers.

  1. Tracksuits

high-waist-silk-track-pants-with-white-tank-top-and-vest tweed-blazer-with-leather-track-pants

Though tracksuits are known in the bike race or tennis tournament, the athletic gear can now be worn stylishly. However, leave the nylon at home and resort to chic alternatives of tracksuits that you can wear to more dressy occasions. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for leather tracksuit that will go well with a tweed blazer, or even a chic tracksuit that you can wear to creative offices like Mary Orton did.

  1. Overalls

off-shoulder-top-with-denim-overalls-and-sneakers flared-denim-overalls-with-fitted-sweater

Overalls are comfortable and they hide a multitude of bodily sins and making you feel cozy, like a little kid. However, overalls are believed to be a fashion blunder since they also make you look about 20 pounds heavier than you actually are. But, to make the fashion piece work for you, think of wearing your overalls with a sexy top or a fitted sweater that will add some polish to your street style like fashion bloggers always do.

  1. Acid-Washed Jeans

acid-washed-jeans-with-chambray-shirt structured-blazer-with-acid-washed-jeans acid-washed-jeans-with-printed-blazer-and-white-top

Acid-washed jeans are one terrible ’80s fad that’s making a comeback. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, add some polish to your jeans by wearing lace-up heels with your casual tee and blazer. Or, add some chic to your style by topping it with an office blazer that will pull your look together.

  1. Harem Pants

classic-pumps-with-harem-pants-and-loose-top red-blouse-with-silk-harem-pants harem-pants-with-candy-striped-top-and-silk-scarf

Harem pants were a fashion trend in the early ’90s known for its baggy feature with enormous, draped crotches that sagged to the knees. However, there are a lot of chic variations you may go for that can actually make you look stylish. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, think of printed harem pants that will add some life to your plain tee, but polish your style with a pair of pumps. Or, make it a bit creative like Jaime Ridge did, wearing a candy-striped top and silk scarf with black harem pants, making it look modern and chic. Indeed, fashion rules are meant to be broken, so prove that you can make those fashion blunders work for you stylishly.

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