5 Fall-Ready Outfit Ideas for Pink Sweater

The fall weather is the sweater weather and for us who are obsessively in love with the apparel, fall is The Season to wear sweaters without having to slip layer upon layer of coats over it. During fall, we can come up with a gorgeous sweater outfit and call it a day. And we could see that there seems to be a rise of pink sweaters this fall.

Pink is something we would instantly correlate to spring. A cherry blossom in full bloom, the lightness and playfulness of the color, how pastel pink, a very popular shade, is practically a color of spring.

But we are also seeing pink gradually becoming a well-loved color for fall, particularly those dusky shades. Below, we have 5 outfit ideas that will make your pink sweater ready for fall.

Pair It with a Straight-cut Cropped Pants and White Sneakers

This particular outfit combination is a failsafe one for a casual look that has a minimal yet very sleek and modern vibe to it. The slight looseness of the outfit’s silhouette gives a very relaxed atmosphere. And when you choose a dusky shade of pink and have the rest of the outfit in neutral colors, it makes for a fall-ready and sleek look.


greyish pink sweater in minimal outfit

Counterbalance an Oversized Sweater with a Structured Bag

An oversized sweater will flatter just about any body shape because it makes you look slimmer and more feminine underneath the sweater. Another thing that an oversized sweater can do is swamp your body shape entirely and you don’t want that. So  counterbalance an oversized pink sweater with a structured bag. Those mini sling cases are very trendy today too.


Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Dominantly Pink Outfit

One would tell you that an all-pink or at least a dominantly pink outfit is only for spring. Well I’m here to tell you that One is wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an all-pink attire this fall, especially one with a pink sweater. In fact, if you’re an avid lover of the color, go ahead! Just one thing to remember: you want to have at least one shade of pink that’s fall-appropriate.

cropped-dusky-pink-sweater rose-pink-sweater-and-pastel-pink-oxfords

Shades of Brown and Muted Reds for Instant Fall Vibes

Rich brown colors like chestnut and muted reds like rose will instantly make whatever shade of pink sweater you are wearing fall appropriate. These colors complement pink very well and the color combination will be almost effortless. Adding bronze and gold will make the entire outfit look classically chic, too.


Don’t Be Afraid to Try Vibrant Shades of Pink

I will tell you now: dusky pink and blush are not the only shades of pink that you can wear this season. While you may want to avoid pastels as much as possible, some vibrant shades of pink are okay to wear for fall. Think a little muted and have a small hue of red or violet.


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