5 Facts about Designer Clothing Every Woman Must Know

From the high ceiling, glass enclosed shops in the busiest streets in the world to online boutiques designer clothing is everywhere, making the luxurious pieces appear to be more reachable. Designer pieces still pertain to the world of luxury as they’re the epitome of exclusivity since only a select few can afford to wear a five-thousand-dollar dress for a night out that cost more than a formal dress would for the average shopper. Before indulging on designer items, keep on reading for the 5 facts about designer clothing every woman must know.

  1. Haute couture is rarely worn.


red-blouse-with-silk-harem-pants forest-green-high-fashion-dress-with-statement-belt

Despite how fashionable the haute couture pieces floating down the runways, haute couture pieces are often never worn outside the studio. Though you may spot some of them during fashion weeks and galas, most of them are “rarely sold” and some of them are only created to enhance the good name of the house. If you wish to invest in a designer piece, better save it for a special occasion, or opt for more wearable ones that you can wear on special events without looking like coming out from a high-fashion editorial magazine.

  1. Fabric choice is one of the most important elements of the design.

graphic-print-dress lace-midi-skirt-with-baroque-inspired-top

When choosing designer clothes, pay attention to the fabric first as the first thing designers look for is the fabric so they can determine the style and silhouettes they will be going for. We may be waiting for the fashion designers to show us what they want us to wear, but they actually have to wait for fabric companies to show them what materials are available. That’s the reason why fabric companies will create collections, and work a season ahead of the designers, so the fabric will be available when the designers want to see them.

  1. Trends are determined by magazine editors, not by designers.

cross-print-dress-with-black-tights graphic-print-topw-with-over-the-knee-boots

Instead of following trends, have your own signature style as even designers don’t set the trends. Designers are the ones creating the designs but trends can often be determined by magazine editors as they analyze what they are seeing in the collections. Often, top magazine editors will see the common aspects found in the designers’ collections and they will come up with trend alerts for all of their readers to see.

  1. Expensive cost of designer clothes is reasonable.

balmain-jacket-with-black-dress-and-statement-belt high-fashion-outfit-with-statement-heels graphic-print-matching-set-with-white-pumps

One reason why designer clothes are so expensive is because designers want to attract wealthier clients by offering them exclusive products. More than that, the costs involved for branding, materials, and advertising is expensive. This is especially true to some pieces that take hundreds of hours to be made like designs that require beadings, crystals, or other delicate materials. So, before investing in a designer piece, take consideration of the design how it was made so the expensive price stands to become a bit more reasonable.

  1. The name behind the brand is a creative team that makes the vision comes to life.

pink-sweater-dress-with-clutch sweater-dress-with-lace-up-sandals

If you think that a fashion designer will sit and work on each and every piece in the collection, you might be overlooking the creative team behind it. The main work of the name behind the label is to direct workers and oversee that the creations are aligned to the drawings and patterns of that season’s collection. Therefore, designers work with a team to make the brand’s vision come to life. By knowing these facts, you’ll be able to value the designer pieces and pick them carefully to suit your style.

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