5 Elements of Timeless Clothes to Look For

Trends come and go and investing in trendy pieces will only give you a wardrobe that will soon go outdated. If you want to find some pieces that will be more timeless and have longevity in your wardrobe, keep on reading for the 6 elements of timeless clothes to look for.

  1. Great quality fabrics.


white-midi-dress-with-structured-bag sweater-with-knitted-shawl-and-beige-pants

Investing on clothes with a high-quality but natural fibers such as fine wool, cashmere, silk and suede will make them stand a lifetime. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a touch-enticing dress that you can wear from casual weekends to formal occasions over cotton shirtdresses that easily wear off after a few washes. Coats are some of the timeless staples that must be in comfortable fabric which will make you wear them with your casual outfits in the colder months, as well as with formal dresses in evening parties.

  1. Well-constructed garments which are simple in their lines.

black-vest-with-military-chic-outfit skinny-jeans-with-blanket-scarf-and-striped-tee gray-sweater-with-pleated-skirt-and-mid-calf-boots

The timeless staples are ones with well-constructed garments which are simple in their lines. Nothing extreme in the cut such as large shoulder pads or exaggerated shapes, the rise is mid-rise on trousers. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may go for a long vest that can dress up your classic turtleneck sweater and military trousers in an urban-inspired way.

  1. Neutral and versatile colors that go well with anything.

Colors that are more subdued or neutral will be timeless while anything too bright and neon will date more quickly. Like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen, you may go for a black lace top which you can wear with maxi skirts in formal dinners and casual jeans on your casual weekends.

  1. Perfect and body flattering fit.

all-white-fall-outfit black-lace-top-with-maxi-skirtsexy-blazer-with-skinny-jeans

For a fashion piece to stay in your closet, they must flatter your body shape and proportions. There are a lot of timeless ensembles that suit many body shapes, styles and ages that are easy to wear and style. So, go for ones that show off your body in a flattering manner without being extreme, too boxy or baggy, but not too tight. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, a tailored blazer and a pair of skinny jeans can be enough to flaunt your womanly curves effortlessly.

  1. Not being in fashion, so not going out of fashion.

all-white-outfit-with-long-vest cardigan-with-colored-jeans trench-coat-with-fall-boots

The simpler the style of your clothes is the more they tend to look timeless. Basic ensembles like trench coat, structured blazer, basic tee, skinny jeans, button-down shirt and such are some of the trend-proof items you may invest for to build a timeless wardrobe. The reality is that for a garment to become timeless, it needs to have a combination of almost all these elements. Remember, just because the fabric is lovely, doesn’t mean that the design details will work 10 years later. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to create a timeless style from your timeless wardrobe.

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