5 Elegant Ways to Wear the Cobalt Blue Trend

Calming, opulent, and, soothing color, cobalt blue is the dominant shade that can be seen from celebrities on red carpets to affluent influencers at fashion events making an electrifying fashion statement. It’s no surprise then that the high street and high-end brands are now awash with primary blues, rich sapphires, and deep royal hues. Wondering how to work catwalk cool into your own closet? Keep on reading for our 5 elegant ways to wear the cobalt blue trend.

  1. Opt for a flattering cobalt blue dress for you.

cobalt blue dress with black belt and sandals

cobalt blue dress with metallic gold pumps cobalt blue dress with peep toe pumps cobalt blue dress with strappy sandals cobalt blue dress with translucent heels cobalt blue slip on dress

Unlike red sometimes does, this intense color makes a statement without being brash as it turns a swingy dress into something startlingly original. The key is to pick the perfect fit of dress that flatters your figure and the fabric texture that shows your personality. Lace is often associated with femininity while leather mirrors the “tough girl” vibe. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your cobalt blue dress express your mood and personality. For a party-ready look, go for a pair of metallic gold pumps to give some elegant vibe while a pair of strappy black sandals will give you some edgy vibe. Nicole Warne boldly wore her cobalt blue slip on dress as daywear paired with simple heels and clutch. Like them, go for the styles of dresses that look great on you and you feel comfortable in.

  1. Add a pop of color to your simple outfit with a cobalt blue statement piece.

cobalt blue jacket with black dress cobalt blue jeans with tuxedo blazer and metallic silver pumps cobalt blue jeans with white top cobalt blue suede jacket with lace dress cobalt blue sweater with midi skirt and pink sandals

These cobalt blue pieces pop against white and are rich and sophisticated with black. This is exceptionally fashionable especially if you’re not a fan of colors as cobalt blue looks elegant and sophisticated while adding some pop to your outfit. Do you wish to spice up your little black dress for a night’s party or even a casual outfit into a chic one? Then simply opt for a cobalt blue blazer or trade your casual jeans with a pair of cobalt blue pants like Annabelle Fleur did. This way, you’ll look trendy and fashion-forward while still looking elegant.

  1. Make a coordinated outfit by teaming your pieces with hints of cobalt blue.

cobalt blue blazer and pants with color blocked heels cobalt blue pants with cobalt blue necklace ans white top cobalt blue skirt with crop top cobalt blue skirt with yellow top and cobalt blue clutch cobalt blue suede jacket with blue jeans and striped top cobalt blue top with black skirt and cobalt blue pumps

Co-ord trend is a timeless and stylish way of putting together your outfit whether you’re a fan of colors or not. You may opt for a cobalt blue matching set of blazer and pants or simply pair your cobalt blue piece with any coordinating accessories of your choice. Nicole Warne creatively wore the trend by matching her cobalt blue skirt with a cobalt blue clutch and sandals while keeping her top piece muted and simple. By doing this, you’ll make a statement as you let the bold color be the dominant shade on your outfit.

  1. Wear your cobalt blue with stylish prints.

cobalt blue blouse with tropical print miniskirt cobalt blue crop top with striped shorts cobalt blue lace dress with black pumps cobalt blue prited pants with cobalt blue clutch and white top cobalt blue top with leopard print pants

Prints and patterns can be a bit tricky to wear with a bold color like cobalt blue since it may create high contrast to clash with your elegant statement. So to keep your outfit sleek and polished, go for prints with dominant blue shades to match your cobalt blue top, or simply opt for simple patterns like stripes to keep the elegance on your outfit. Remember, wearing all your statement pieces all at once won’t look elegant as the “less is more” applies to this sophisticated style.

  1. Add some elegance to your outfit with cobalt blue accessories.

purple romper with cobalt blue clutch and sandals cobalt blue heels with edgy outfit cobalt blue blazer with necklace and chic outfit cobalt blue bag with edgy outfit cobalt blue bag with casual outfit cobalt blue accessories with printed romper

Whether you wish to keep your head-to-toe accessories cobalt blue, or simply wish to add a pop of color to your neutral outfit, the bold color can be a means of adding some elegance to your outfit without looking flashy. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, play the coordinated theme on your looks by wearing a cobalt blue belt, shoes, and clutch with your printed outfit. Just don’t go overboard wearing a cobalt blue outfit with cobalt blue accessories as it can only be overkill, taking away the sophistication from you. Instead, bring some balance and polish to your outfit by picking the key pieces that will make a good statement and leaving off those don’t. This way, you’ll wear the cobalt blue trend in an elegant and sophisticated way.

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