5 Easy Tricks to Refresh Your Outfits with Erica Hoida

Refreshing your looks can be done by creative styling, so you don’t have to shop for new items all the time. Mind behind the Fashioned Chic blog, Erica Hoida is a San Diego-based fashion blogger known for her simple yet creative style featuring the basic pieces in unexpected looks. If you wish to refresh your outfits without going shopping, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

  1. Add some structure to your monochromatic outfits.

backless top with skinny jeans and lace up heels

sexy black outfit with architectural heels chic romper with white blazer

A monochromatic dressing may be the timeless way of looking elegant, but it easily looks plain and boring since our eyes love colors. To spice things up, add some structure to your monochromatic outfits to add some interest while keeping your looks streamlined and sleek, just like a minimalist look. Like Erica, think of a backless dress with an asymmetric hemline that will look perfect with a pair of architectural heels, or simply top your chic romper with a structured blazer that can do the tricks for you.

  1. Give some modern flair to your black and white outfits.

checkered pencil skirt with black sweater leather shorts with knitted tunic knotted shirt with slit skirt

Black and white outfit combinations may be timeless, but you can make it look more interesting by highlighting modern details to your outfits. Like Erica, instead of going for a polka dot print skirt that looks retro, she opted for a checkered skirt that looks geometric-inspired that made her outfit fashion-forward. Also, tunics can be tucked with shorts on the front side while keeping the back side hanging loose which will make your overall look modern and architectural like Erica did.

  1. Make your skinny jeans a bit feminine and sexy.

cold shoulder top with skinny jeans sheer blouse with skinny jeans nude tank top with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans may be known for its casual cool vibe and outfit combinations with graphic tees, but you can add some sexy vibe to your looks by changing your tops. Like Erica, resort to plunging necklines and backless top that can add some feminine flair to your street style. Nude bodysuits, silk tank tops and such are sexy enough to add some feminine vibe to your casual piece.

  1. Polish to your overall look with a blazer.

all black outfit with navy blazer nude top with frayed shorts and white blazer lace crop top with black blazer

If you’re in a hurry and don’t know how to put your outfit together, simply resort to a chic blazer that can do the tricks for you. A monochromatic outfit consists of ripped skinny jeans and tank top can be polished with a structured blazer making it work in a casual workplace. Also, it can make your tank top and frayed shorts chic instantly while a silk blazer can add some sophisticated to your lace crop top and a classic pair of pants like Erica did.

  1. Soften your edgy leather ensembles with chic pieces.

leather trousers with striped off shoulder top leather shorts with sweater leather jacket with free flowing dress and lace up gladiators

Though leather may look edgy and associated with bikers and motorcycle riders, you can make it look a bit feminine by teaming it with softer fabrics and chic silhouettes. Like Erica, think of a sexy sheer blouse that will soften your leather trousers or a free-flowing dress that can update your leather jacket. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to refresh your looks without going shopping.

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