5 Easy Tricks to Get a Parisian Winter Chic Style

Winter may be known for bulky layers and dark palette, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo a great style. French girl’s winter uniform, from the essential coat to the coolest knits, is great for looking timeless and elegant. To get that Parisian winter chic style, keep on reading for our tricks.

  1. Resort to cozy chic fur ensembles.

fur scarf with gray coat

fur vest with cozy sweater and jeans fur top with retro floral skirt and midcalf boots

Favor vintage furs and Mongolian lamb fur that looks quite ’70s. Keep in mind that Parisians wear less fur than New Yorkers, maybe because it’s not always well received in Paris. However, some Parisian bloggers wear fur so you can still wear it if it’s very cold. Like fashion blogger Caroline Louis, think of topping your cozy sweater and jeans outfit with a fur vest that looks sophisticated and classy for the day.

  1. Make your basic sweater chic.

chic sweater with printed skirt and boots chunky sweater with skinny jeans and metallic gold pumps

Parisian women have a passion for sweaters. Besides jeans, they are the pieces you can find in a Parisian closet. Look for high-quality cashmere that you can wear in the colder months. They are soft and go with everything. Just look for perfectly cut ones like turtlenecks. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you may simply dress up your sweater and jeans outfit with a metallic pair of pumps that can make everything chic.

  1. Scarves are stylish and functional accessories.

blanket scarf with boots and hat winter white outfit with blanket scarf

Beautiful dark gray or navy blue scarves are best when it is very cold, especially in cashmere. This is great when you’re not a fan of hats, gloves, or other winter accessories as it is not cold enough in Paris. Also, think of wool and silk scarves that can add some warmth to your style while keeping you chic.

  1. Skip Uggs and resort to chic walking boots.

all black parisian outfit structured coat with Parisian outfit parisian holiday outfit

Parisian women do not wear snow boots in Paris, as it’s snowing no more than two days out of the year. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, think of a black pair of boots with chunky heel that can be comfortable and chic enough to complement your street looks in the winter. Wearing your ankle boots with black tights can be great when wearing your shorter skirts and dresses in the colder months.

  1. Add some polish to your winter outfits with classic coats.

parisian outfit with robe coat structured wool coat with boots

The caban—peacoat—is a timeless classic, like the long men’s trench or the pour la pea coat, but each has to reinvent itself each season. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you may actually opt for a gray robe coat that will keep you cozy at the same time comfortable, or go for men’s-inspired coats that can be roomy and cozy enough to give you warmth. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that Parisian winter chic style effortlessly.

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