5 Easy Avant-Garde Pieces to Refresh Your Style

Avant-garde outfits may be known for its over-the-top, maximal, and very fashion-forward look that are normally worn in fashion-forward settings like Fashion Weeks. Even you have an eye for very neutral and solid ensembles or black and gray are your dominant colors, keep on reading how to refresh your style with our 5 easy avant-garde pieces.

  1. Statement Accessories

avant garde outfit with gold haute couture accessories

statement necklace with bohemian outfit statement metallic bib necklace with black outfit metallic silver jewelry with all white outfit

If you’re minimalist and your wardrobe consists of neutral colors, simply spice up your outfit like Kristina Bazan did, resorting to statement cuffs and chandelier earrings. Finish off with sunglasses, haute couture belts, and watch as desired. While metallic silver accessories look perfect with whites, nothing beats the gold and black combination that will instantly add some glam to your style. Feel free to go for metallic bib necklaces, avant-garde clutches and such that will refresh your look effortlessly.

  1. Trendy Footwear

architectural statement sandals with sporty chic sweater and skirt statement mules with urban minimalist outfit high waist shorts with statement shoes fur loafers with turtleneck and statement skirt

This is not the time to wear a refined pointy toe ankle strap pump because it deviates from the vibe. Instead, resort to sandal booties, oxfords, chunky sandals or platforms that will refresh your look effortlessly. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, simply add some trendy vibe to your sporty chic outfit by wearing an architectural style of heels. Or, think of colorful and printed boots that will go well with your casual outfits like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni did.

  1. Avant-Garde Topper

darth vader cape inspired outfit with boots black darth vader jacket with boots avant-garde outfit with choker avant garde top with skinny pants

Short tops create easy outfit structure when worn with voluminous architectural bottoms, which makes their cropped length important. However, you may think of structured capes, futuristic jacket, or eccentric tops that you can wear with your casual tanks and tees. Just keep your looks street-inspired so you won’t look like coming from a sci-fi inspired movie.

  1. Eccentric Bottoms

architectural outfit with statement necklace classic avant-garde outfit with statement heels chiffon black pants avant-garde skirt with sweater avant garde outfit with statement heels

Architectural bottoms like a pair of cropped wide leg pants that are full like culottes, or that taper at the hem can be great to create an avant-garde look. You may also go for harem pants, lace trousers, sheer pants, architectural skirts, and tulip skirts that look bold yet street-inspired. Fabrics can be knitted or woven as long as you can pull the look together by balancing your silhouettes and proportions. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, add some balance to your slouchy sweater by wearing it with a structured skirt and a pair of edgy boots.

  1. Printed or Embellished Ensembles

metallic silver boots with avant garde outfit avant-garde sweater with futuristic style boots avant garde top with draped skirt and boots avant garde color paneled dress with boots abstract print shirt dress with statement sandals

If you wish to look more expressive on your street style, take advantage of prints and embellishments that can create an avant-garde look. Color paneled ensembles like a dress with geometric and futuristic-inspired style can be enough to make an easy avant-garde look that’s wearable on the streets. Like fashion blogger Jessica Selmanovic, think of an avant-garde top with beadings and royal details on top and a draped tulip skirt that will look perfectly feminine and elegant. Or, copy fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur’s look by going for an abstract print dress paired with architectural cut heels that pulled her look together. Indeed, avant-garde pieces can refresh your look effortlessly.

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