5 Cute and Sporty Outfits for Summer

Florals and girly outfits are famous this season, but you can achieve your inner sporty chick as well. Here are some cute and sporty outfits for summer that you will feel very comfy in.

Special in a Sporty Top

If you are not the sporty kind, worry not as you can achieve the athleisure look with one simple item: a sporty top. It can be a brand tee (Adidas, Nike, Puma, whatever) or a jersey top, if you want. With this item, you can recreate cute and sporty outfits for summer whenever, wherever! Since it looks awesome in all types of bottoms, you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching it.

sporty top

pink sporty top

It’s all about Joggers

Joggers are not just for jogging anymore (although you can still wear them for said physical activities.) It’s actually one of the comfiest cute and sporty outfits for summer. You can wear it with your favorite graphic top for a low-key look, or a frilly top for a glamorous style that you can take to the office. Wear the latter with your favorite stiletto heels for a classic look that your bosses will approve of.

blue jogger pants jogger pants

Amusing in Leggings

Leggings or tights are usually reserved for gym workouts, but styling them the right way can help you create cute and sporty outfits for summer. Take the cue from Selena, who looks gorgeous in her mesh leggings. Although it’s an athletic piece, you can beautify your leggings by wearing it with a dressy top and a sexy pair of heels.

leggings blue leggings

Wonderful in White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is perhaps the benchmark of most cute and sporty outfits for summer. With this shoe, you can immediately transform your plain outfit into an athletic one. What’s great about white sneakers is that you can wear it with almost anything. Be it a jersey dress or a sweatshirt and leggings combo, all you need to do is wear white sneakers for a seamless look.

sneakers white sneakers

Terrific in a Tennis Skirt

If you love skirts, know that you can achieve cute and sporty outfits for summer with a tennis skirt. In fact, this should be your focal item if you want to create a playful look for the season. While most tennis skirts are above the knee – you can still have a ‘respectable’ look by opting for longer tennis skirts. Wear it with a dressy shirt for a sporty outfit that you can pull off at the office.

white tennis skirt tennis skirt

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