5 Creative Ways to Wear Sheer Clothing

Transparent and sheer clothing is one of the most feminine and impressive design details that can make your street style a bit unexpected and modern. However, when talking about the basic tricks about wearing them, we can’t but point when to go sexy or decent to look fashionable without getting inappropriate for the setting. So, keep on reading for our 5 creative ways to wear sheer clothing and wear the transparent fashion trend right.

  1. Choose one area to expose.

lace skirt with white top

sexy sheer top with accordion skirt sheer cut out jumpsuit sheer top with denim shorts sheer-pants-with-embellishments and black top

When wearing sheer clothing, keep in mind that it’s the proportions of exposed skin that forms those creative shapes and designs. So don’t overdo it and just choose one area to expose as too much skin on display will just make it look like you are trying too hard to show off your body bringing you on the verge of vulgarity. Whether it’s the cleavage, back, legs, or midriff, choose an area that you are confident with. Do not wear sheer tops flaunting your cleavage if you are really busty, as it will just be too much. When it comes to layering sheer skirts, you may opt for strikingly diverse and sophisticated fabrics that are sheer and opaque to show how bold and daring you are. Also pick those sheer pants while overlaying some shorts or high-cut briefs, to create the most ideal and cool outfit.

  1. Keep your sheer layers decent and modest.

sheer lace top with silk skirt sheer skirt with turtleneck top sheer top with miniskirt sheer top with striped skirt sheer-overlay-dress with purple pumps

It could be really daunting at the beginning if you are not used to exposing a lot of skin, but it is just a matter of showing it off in a really strategic way. When it comes to wearing sheer clothing, the first thing you need to bear in mind is what your final aim is. You can still have your sensual and decent look at the same time by placing one layer of transparency over another opaque or semi-transparent tops or dresses as well as adding garments like bodysuits under the sheer layer in order to put down the provocative looks. This way, you’ll be able to create the classiest and feminine outfit while keeping your sheer layers decent and modest.

  1. Make your outfit trendy and intentional by letting your bra show.

black sheer outfit crystal bra with black sheer blouse sheer black dress with denim shorts and gladiator sandals sheer top with mini skirt sheer-top-with-skinny-pants sheer top with tangerine pants

Depending on how you will wear your sheers, you could go for sexy, daring, or trendy looks. Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan made her trendy outfit creative by wearing a sequin embellished bra with her sheer top making it look intentional and classy. In order to create some ultra-alluring and cool looks you will need a solid black bra worn underneath a sheer lighter blouse. But let’s face it that the whole see-my-underwear bit is not for everybody. So, whether it looks trendy and quite impressive, be mindful of the image you’ll have when you wear your sheer clothing on your street style.

  1. Every occasion has its own dress.

crochet dress with vintage hat sexy-sheer-outfit-with-leather-jacket sheer blue lace dress sheer dress with satchel bag sheer-lace-dress-with-lace-up-heels

When picking a sheer dress, be mindful of the occasion you’re going to so you’ll decide on how much skin you are going to show. For more formal affairs, lace dresses in moderate sheer styles and hemline can be great as it still evokes the feeling of feminine-chic inspiration. Cutout dresses, even if they have really small cuts, are not always appropriate for every occasion especially on weddings, formal ceremonies, and workplace, so save them for date nights or parties with friends. Also, use caution in wearing them during the day, especially if you live in a more conservative city where a covering outfit is sometimes required during the day.

  1. Tame the sexiness of your outfit by topping a stylish blazer or jacket.

dress with rain coat and neon shoes sheer top with jacket and leather shorts sheer tights with sheer blouse and tuxedo blazer sheer outfit with coat

Though provocative looks do not run too far from the former options, you can still tame the sexiness of your outfit by topping it with a heavier outerwear. Picking a blazer or a jacket for the possible weather changes is also an option you can try, when dealing with sheer tops. The options you pick may be printed or mesh, also encompassing a diversity of shapes from coats to trenches and sporty looks like bomber jackets. On the other way around, you may wear transparent coats or jackets with your closed outfits to create the most stunning and cool looks. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, wearing her white dress with a transparent coat demonstrated an extremely well-put and cool alternative for a sheer look. So feel free to pick items made from traditional lace to clear plastic to incorporate in your street style.

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