5 Cool Looks to Wear This Fall with Oksana Orehhova

If you’re going to look your best your fall, you might need some inspiration that’ll take your style to the next level. Fashion blogger and model from Estonia, Oksana Orehhova is known for her cool looks ranging from modern classic, boho-grunge, sexy-chic, eccentric, and even edgy urban that might inspire your fall style. So, keep on reading to get the 5 cool looks that you can wear this fall season.

Modern Classic Look

gray dress with color blocked bomber jacket

trench coat with gray skinny jeans and mercury sunglasses

If your closet is full of basics and classic staples, just think of wearing them modernly to update your look. Like Oksana, think of wearing your classic brown dress with a bomber jacket that looks sporty-chic, or your classic trench coat with a pair of gray jeans and fall boots that will refresh your look without buying fresh pieces.

Boho-Grunge Look

burgundy jeans with blacke lace up blouse spiked socks with slip on sneakers and neoprene dress fringed leather skirt with jacket and striped tee

Bohemian style is great to channel some carefree vibe this fall season, while grunge style will add some edgy flair to your looks. For a flattering look, mix the two styles to create a balanced and expressive look. Like Oksana, you may team your fringed leather skirt that screams bohemian with your grunge leather jacket and a striped top. For a more feminine style, resort to a pair of burgundy jeans that will look sexy with a lace up blouse. Also, neoprene dresses, plaid shirts, and button-front skirt can be great to add some personality to your fall outfits.

Sexy Chic Look

sexy zipped white dress white tulip skirt with sexy top tulip skirt with sexy corset top

In the early fall, you can still have a chance to flaunt your skin with sexy miniskirts and crop tops. Like Oksana, you may think of a tulip miniskirt and corset top to update your sexy style. Also, wearing your zipped dress in a sexy way can be great to channel some daring looks in an edgy yet chic way like Oksana did.

Eccentric Look

graphic bird print dress with tights graphic dress with band coat

Whether you’re a fan of graphic prints or unconventional outfits, an eccentric look may be great for you. Like Oksana, you may start by wearing a graphic print dress like a bird silhouette that will look great with your fall tights, white pumps, and fedora hat. Or, channel some band-inspired look with a statement dress worn with a bold-colored jacket and hat.

Edgy Urban Look

white jeans with leather bomber jacket and crop top leather trousers with sweater and slip on sneakers

If you’re living in a big city and aiming for an edgy style, an edgy urban look is for you. Like Oksana, you could never go wrong resorting to leather ensembles like jacket, trousers, dress, skirts, shorts, shoes and such. Like her, look cozy and urban-inspired this season with a black sweater teamed with leather trousers and slip-on sneakers, or go sexy with a crop top teamed with a leather bomber jacket and white skinny jeans. Indeed, fall season is the perfect time to experiment and create the coolest look that will make you trendy and hip.

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