5 Common Fashion Traps and How to Avoid Them

We all want to stay true who we are yet there are fashion rules, unsolicited opinions, and beliefs that might hinder us from looking our best. Fashion traps are situations that you may not immediately see as a trap, or if you do notice that you are stuck in a trap, you certainly don’t know how to get out. Though being authentic on your style requires experimentation, keep on reading for the common fashion traps to avoid and how to deal with them.

Trap # 1: Becoming a trend victim.

bohemian romper with tribal necklace

metallic silver print skirt with chic top layered outfit with leopard print sneakers graphic print tee with sunglasses and quirky clutch

Becoming a trend-victim is never stylish. Not only does it require persistent attention to maintain each season’s fickle affinities but it can also undermine your authority. Remember, not every popular look is right for you. Just because you admire its aesthetic, does not mean you should embrace it. Instead, adopt a current trend that complements your existing or desired look. For instance, wear prints-on-prints on creative workplace to add some flair to your style, or layer your clothes like a pro in the chilly months, which is functional yet stylish.

Trap #2: Choosing quantity over quality.

button down shirt with sweater and leather shorts knitted dress with shawl and sneakers cream tea dress with pumps camel vest with black outfit

While it is nice to have unlimited choices in your closet, an overstuffed closet would make it harder to navigate and get the stylish outfit combinations than when you have a streamlined closet full of great pieces that all work for you. Many victims will re-buy the same things because they can’t find anything in their wardrobe. So, think of a closet purge. Though you can have more than one closet that you utilize for off-season clothing, but for the current season, keep it pared down, and only keep things in your closet that you wear. Also, go for quality items that can stand for a lifetime.

Trap #3: Dressing in the wrong decade.

bohemian jumpsuit with hat retro casual outfit pastel pink dress with boots metallic silver dress with heels

Though retro flares, vintage dresses, and overalls are making a comeback, they’re not always flattering for everyone, especially if you’re a woman working in a professional workplace. Just because we are young and can “get away” with certain aesthetic choices, doesn’t mean it’s the most empowering professional choice. Instead, only embrace seasonal trends that complement your existing look. You may start by weaving them into your wardrobe, just like wearing an accessory or shifting your silhouette.

Trap #4 Buying clothes that don’t fit.

casual outfit with platform sandals watercolor print dress off shoulder top with skirt off shoulder body con dress with frigne boots

Most women with a weight problem and hopeful that they’re going to lose weight buy clothes smaller than their supposed size while some make the ill-fitting clothes fit for their bodies. Keep in mind that buying something too small even if it’s a sale item won’t give you a lifelong benefit. For instance, a long-sleeved is supposed to hit just below the wrist bone with a little ease not too tight or loose while your blouse should never gap open at the bust line.

Trap #5 Still don’t have a signature style.

striped shirt with suede pants plaid pants with mesh top and blazer embroidered denim with slouchy top checkered flared pants with turtleneck top

Though seeking for fashion magazines and fashion icons for inspirations may help, you must have your own style as each person you’re looking into has their own personal style. You must know what fits you, and what particular colors accent your personality. By considering these traps and following the guidelines to avoid them will help you create a more solid sense of your style while looking bold and confident.

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