5 Comfy and Chic Winter Shoes to Snag Now

For shoe enthusiasts, winter is a sort of a slow month. The cold weather makes it hard for us to rock trendy and sexy shoes but that’s okay because winter shoes themselves can become statement makers when you know how to choose and style them. There have been several trends for winter shoes the past few years but this year seems to have the best so far. Check out these comfy and chic winter shoes to snag right now.

  1. Patchwork boots – patchwork seems to be a really strong trend this year. It started out on our denim pieces then patchwork dresses came about and now that it’s winter, it’s the patchwork boots that are on trend. This trend from the 70s is a really interesting one and it’s a great look to sport if you want to add more detail to a simple look.patchwork boots on cara delevingne
    patchwork leather boots
  2. Fur shoes – fur has long been a symbol of luxuriousness and if fur coats aren’t your thing, you can always try this year’s winter shoe trend that is fur shoes. There are lots of designs to choose from. You’ll see fur shoes with very little subtle fur details and there are also pairs that are fully decked out in fur. Depending on your personal style and whether or not you want to make a statement with these, you can choose from various styles.fur shoes in pink fur shoes with crop top and maxi skirt
  3. Contrasting colors – if you’re not that keen on trying out new, wacky styles for shoes during wintertime, you can always stick to the classics. To keep them from looking outdated and boring, what you can do this year is to pick a pair with contrasting color details. This will bring life to your look and will help take your outfit to the next level without much effort.color contrast rainbow shoes color contrast shoes
  4. Metallic – shoes with high shine details like metallic bits are hot and on trend this winter. These add a nice touch of sparkly elegance to any look, even when you’re aiming for a casual and relaxed street style ensemble. Metallic winter shoes are also the perfect addition to any holiday outfit because of the festive vibe that it exudes.metallic shoes and pastel coat metallic shoes outfit
  5. Platform boots – this re-emerging trend from the 90s made its way back into our closets earlier this year and is making another comeback for winter. Platform shoes are perfect for those who want to add a nice hint of utilitarian vibe to their look.

platform boots in black platform boots for winter

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