5 Chic Ways to Wear Quirky Prints

Eccentric, novelty, and quirky prints are outstanding enough to add some personality to your style making the eyes stop and stare, perhaps even smile and take notice. However, these prints often look playful but not chic enough to look feminine. So, keep on scrolling for our 5 chic ways to wear quirky prints.

  1. Opt for chic accessories with playful and quirky prints.

apple sunglasses and watermelon bag

orange dress with fruit print clutch orange print scarf with orange dress

There’re so many adorable graphics, mini prints, and floral prints all over the time. So, to keep your style chic, keep an eye for stylish and functional accessories with quirky prints. Fruit prints can look cute and quirky at the same time without losing your sophisticated vibe. A scarf may look more fashionable in a fruit-print design over a plain one, and a fruit-print clutch over a pastel-colored one. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may even match your lemon print clutch with your lemon print dress to create a more playful but chic look.

  1. Add some fun to your typical outfit with quirky printed tops.

banana tank top with navy skirt lemon top with black miniskirt quirky print sweater with structured clutch quirky sweater with neon coat and pants

Make your outfit more stylish with creative prints on your tank tops, sweaters, bandeau tops, crop tops and even shirts. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, create a feminine and playful look with a lemon print bandeau top paired with a black miniskirt. Wearing a novelty sweater with a pair of black leggings may look cool as long as you keep the focus on your statement piece and not clashing your prints together. Like Chiara Ferragni, go for a clutch in a matching shade of your prints.

  1. Go flirty in quirky print dresses.

bees prints on dress black and gold animal print dress chicken patterned dress novelty print coat with loafers quirky dress with heels quirky retro floral prints quirky shirt dress with classic pumps -rooster-print-coat-with-gold-belt

Whether you’re a fan of fruits, cartoon character, animal silhouette, or other novelty prints, wearing dresses is a great way to look feminine while looking flirty in unexpected ways. To make your style intentional, opt for vivid, bright, and multicolored print dresses like Kristina Bazan wore and pairing it with color coordinating accessories. On the contrary, if you wish to make them simpler and muted, opt for two-tone colored prints on dresses, but keep your prints more quirky than the traditional. Chicken, rooster, lips, and even insect prints look more eye-catching.

  1. Stick to feminine style of skirts with quirky prints.

ant print skirt with black top blue sweater with shirt and quirky skirt graphic print skirt with crop top and statement glasses peaches skirt with pastel button down shirt

Midi skirts, miniskirts, A-line skirts, and pencil skirts may look boring sometimes, so add some twist to your feminine style by wearing quirky print skirts. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie knows how to shift her feminine styles in creative ways. For a chic outfit, she opted for a black-and-white ant print midi skirt and paired it with a black top while going for a lip print skirt and a blue sweater made her look perfectly casual. So, be creative in picking your quirky prints and select those that define your mood and personality to create a bold statement.

  1. Add some trendy vibe to your chic style with quirky print pants.

tropical fruit print pants with tank top rail road print pants with blazer pineapple print pants with stripes

Skinny pants or even flared pants can look livelier in quirky prints, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit sleek and polished. Think of structured blazers that you can match with them that look appropriate for a creative office environment. If you’re not that bold to wear quirky prints in the office, then simply pair your printed pants with a plain tank top and spice it up with a pastel-colored scarf.

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