5 Chic Layering Tips for Spring

It might be spring but there will be times when it’s just too cold for just one garment. And when this happens, you need not freak as you can layer your spring outfits in style. If you ever run out of cool fashion ideas, then do consider these chic layering tips for spring.

Button Down + Cardigan

If you are looking for sophisticated layering tips for spring, then you will never go wrong with a cardigan and button-down combo. This timeless duo is perfect for work, especially if you are after a clean, polished look. Although it exudes a chic office aura, a cardigan and button-down pairing can also be worn to casual day-outs as well. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a casually elegant look.

cardigan and button-down

cardigan with button down

Button-Down + Oversized Poncho

A button-down polo is one of the best things to have, especially this spring. This good base top works with a lot of items, making it a necessity when it comes to layering tips for spring. Another one of the combos you can try for cold spring days is wearing your button-down with an oversized poncho. And, in case, the temps heat up, you can always remove the poncho and let loose with just your button-down polo.

poncho and button-down button down with poncho

Button-Down + Long Vest

As it has been established, a button-down top is one of the most indispensable pieces if you have layering tips for spring in mind. Another one of combos that you can try for work (or for play) is the button-down plus long vest outfit. The play of lengths can give a whole new dimension to your outfit. And since these items look great as they are, you don’t have to worry much about accessorizing with this lovely get-up.

button down and long vest long vest with button down

Turtleneck + Collarless Jacket

A collarless jacket is a good piece of outerwear. But for cold spring days, you are going to need more than just that. With that being said, one of the best layering tips for spring is to wear a turtleneck underneath your collarless jacket. The lack of a collar gives emphasis to the turtleneck, thereby giving you a cool look that’s enough to keep you warm on an unpredictable spring day.

collarless jacket with turtleneck jacket and turtleneck

Dress + Crop Top

A crop top might be a summer staple, but you can utilize it for this season as well. When it comes to layering tips for spring, do try to layer your crop top over your favorite dress. This pairing can give you that much-needed break from the usual blazers and jackets that you use over your dresses.

crop top and dress crop top over dress

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