5 Celine Fashion Pieces You Can Actually Wear this Spring

Runway fashion pieces are usually ‘haute couture’ which makes them hard to wear in real life. However, there are select fashion pieces from the Celine show that you can actually carry this spring season. Here are some of the runway-inspired items that can help enhance your spring outfits:

Dress Over Leggings

Are you looking for a novel way to wear your favorite dresses? Well then, be inspired by the Celine fashion shows and wear your dress over your leggings. This is a great way to keep your legs warm during cold spring days – without letting go of your lovely spring dresses. So instead of letting your leggings rot in the closet, bring them out once again and layer them with your cute spring frocks!

dress with leggings

dress and leggings dress over leggings

Front-Slit Trousers

Slit trousers are all the rage nowadays, thanks to the Celine fashion show. What sets the brand’s pants, however, is the placing of the slit. Unlike other styles, Celine’s slits are on the front. A great thing about this trouser is that it allows you to show your legs – whilst remaining fully clothed. If you want to achieve a unique work look this spring, then make sure to try Celine’s front-slit trousers.

front slit pants front slit trousers outfit front slit trousers

Simple Sandals

One of the best and most wearable fashion pieces from the Celine fashion show is its simple sandal. It is one of the hottest spring trends – which is sure to transcend to summer as well. Also known as mandals, a simple sandal is best for days when you want to look good effortlessly. A good thing about simple sandals is that they are more than perfect for casual days. They are very comfy – so you can go around museums (or boutiques) for an entire day without worrying about corns, calluses, and what not.

sandals simple sandals outfit simple sandals

Link Belt

A good belt can make or break your look. With that being said, one of the Celine fashion pieces that you need to adopt to your current outfit is the link belt. With this unique accessory, you can spice up your look – no matter how simple your attire might be!

link belt link belt outfit

A Different Belt Bag

A belt bag is not exactly one of the hottest fashion pieces in the market. But with Celine’s version of a ‘unique’ belt bag, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one right now. If Celine’s pouch version is too expensive for you, you can still embrace the trend by purchasing a bag with a unique design or vibrant color.

belt bag belt bag outfit

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