5 Casual Chic Ways to Wear Graphic and Nostalgic Tees

Graphic and nostalgic tees are usually something very close to your heart, like your favorite rock band, artist, painting, phrases, cartoon character, or even breed of dog that give your style a better description of your individuality. Since these t-shirts are commonly a little sloppy and very casual, keep on reading for our casual chic ways to wear them.

  1. Dress up your graphic tees with sophisticated accessories.

floral midi skirt with graphic top

tennis miniskirt with graphic top graphic top with leather pants and metallic stilettosgraphic tee with necklace and skirt graphic tee with pink bag and floral skirt

Shoes can make or break your look, so opt for dressy and chic ones that can revamp your casual style into a chic one. Dressy stilettos, lace up heels, strappy sandals and classic pumps are ladylike shoes that work well with your outfit no matter what. Just finish off the ensemble with a dressy handbag, elegant clutch, chic sunglasses, and elegant jewelry to provide a nice contrast against the relaxed vibe of your casual tee.

  1. Wear your nostalgic tees with sleek feminine skirts.

A-line skirt with graphic tee classic red skirt with graphic tee graphic tee with army jacket and skirt graphic tee with metallic skirt graphic top with leather skirt graphic top with skirt and blazer

Fashion is all about creating irregular outfit juxtapositions to your outfit, and adding a sophisticated edge to the look by wearing feminine skirts is one of the stylish ways to do it. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of a checkered midi skirt in feminine colors to wear with your graphic top. Lace skirts, tulle skirts, metallic skirts, leather skirts, and even floral print skirts can be great for adding a feminine flair to your casual looks.

  1. Pair your graphic tees with a chic pair of shorts or pants.

colored skinny jeans with graphic tee graphic tee with floral print pants graphic tee with studded shorts metallic trousers and graphic tee with wedge sneakers

For a dressy but laid back vibe, opt for dressy shorts and sleek pants to create a striking contrast against your nostalgic tee. Floral print pants, colored skinny jeans, metallic shorts and such can also be great for looking chic without losing the effortless look of your outfit. Just skip those acid-washed denim shorts and cut off shorts that look too casual for the style you’re aiming for.

  1. Add some structure to your outfit by wearing blazers, jackets, and coats.

graphic tee with blazer and boyfriend jeans graphic-tee-with-blazer-and-distressed-jeans graphic tee with structured blazer and shortsgraphic tee with jacket and pastel skirt graphic tee with floral blazer and skirt

Think of structured blazers, leather jackets, classic coats, tux jackets in luxurious fabrics to dress up your casual tees. Just skip army jackets, military coats, and denim jackets because they are very casual to your casual chic style. Wearing your graphic tee with your distressed boyfriend jeans can still look chic if you’re going to top your looks with a structured blazer like Blair Eadie did. Or, to make things more fashionable, opt for a feminine blazer, like a floral print one to match with your graphic top and casual skirt creating a casual chic look perfect for the weekend.

  1. Opt for a chicer style of a graphic tee for a more polished look.

graphic tee with camel blazer and skinny pants graphic tee with pencil skirt graphic tee with skirt lace graphic top with patent skirt graphic top with patent leather skirt

Photographic black and white versions of graphic tees tend to look the most “grown up”, but they’re also the most casual look. So, opt for nostalgic tees in good combinations of colors preferably pink, red, purple, or even in a pastel palette to look more chic and feminine. A long or short-sleeved nostalgic tee can also be great apart from overly boxy styles.

Indeed, the juvenile nostalgic tee looks chic when matched with dressy, refined and tailored pieces. Whether you wish to wear a pair of chic shoes, feminine skirt, structured blazer, or elegant bag with your graphic tees, adding the “sophisticated edge” on your outfit will make your style more expressive and fashionable.

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