5 Casual Chic Ways to Wear Birkenstocks

It may not be the most fashionable footwear, but Birkenstocks are definitely perfect to suit your casual and effortless look. It is surfacing in many variations as some styles are sleeker and more refined. Birkenstock sandals can hardly make your outfit glamorous, but it can make yours casual-chic with our 5 styling tips.

  1. Wear your Birkenstocks with white denim.

fluffy sweater with distressed jeans and birkenstocks

white overalls and striped top with birkenstocks white ripped jeans with crop top and birkenstocks

Denim items, especially the blue washes and distressed ones, are known to be the most casual fabric. Though black and plain versions of denim jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts, and vest are sleeker, opting for white denim makes your outfit look clean, crisp, and classy. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of white denim overalls and striped top to match with your Birkenstocks, or simply pair your distressed white jeans with fluffy and chic sweater like Danielle Bernstein did, making your outfit look casual-chic.

  1. Opt for sleek and chic ensembles to dress up your Birkenstocks.

birkenstocks with casual outfit culottes with off shoulder top and birkenstocks pinstripe-pants-with-crop-top-and-birkenstocks suede skirt with sheer top and birkenstocks sweatpants with crop top tunic with shorts and birkenstocks

Chic shorts, dress pants, culottes, cropped tops, and suede skirts give enough dressy vibe to spice up your Birkenstocks. You may think of contrasting fabrics on your outfit or give an interesting structure to your outfit to draw attention away from your not-so-feminine sandals. Wearing your button-down shirt modernly like in an off shoulder style with culottes, or even wearing shorts with a tunic can make your outfit trendy with Birkenstock sandals.

  1. Opt for casual-chic dresses perfect for your laid back sandals.

birkenstocks with striped dress striped maxi dress striped dress with birkenstocks sporty chic outfit with birkenstocks dress with birkenstocks chic white dress with birkenstocks

Casual-chic dresses like a knitted shirtdress, nautical striped dresses, and even maxi dresses can be a perfect match to your Birkenstocks. If you’re not comfortable showcasing your too laid back, but comfortable footwear, you may think of maxi dresses that fall on your ankles to make your footwear less showy without sacrificing comfort. On the other hand, if you wish for a sporty-chic look, copy Blair Eadie’s style of wearing a sporty-chic shirtdress with Birkenstock sandals and casual-chic tote bag.

  1. Unexpectedly wear your Birkenstocks with classy and sophisticated ensembles.

button-down shirt and striped skirt with birkenstocks chic birkenstock with edgy outfit white crop top and skirt with birkenstocks white dress with chic button down and birkenstockswhite lace dress with birkenstocks

Wearing your Birkenstock sandals with sophisticated outfits, or even corporate outfits may seem daunting, but, fashion blogger Mary Orton creatively pulled the casual-chic look. Like her, you may think of a simple dress and a cropped blazer to match with your Birkenstocks, or even a chic blouse and pencil skirt combination with your laid-back sandals that can be acceptable to some creative office environment. Just in case you’re working in a conservative office that calls for a corporate dress code, then wear in while heading on your office then trade them with your classic pumps. This way, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable on your off-duty hours.

  1. Go for a chic pair of Birkenstock sandals.

baby blue birkenstock with casual chic outfit birkenstock sandals with casual chic outfit metallic birkenstocks with casual chic outfit platform birkenstocks with casual outfit

Designers are constantly creating fresh innovation to make your Birkenstock sandals fit your classic lifestyle. You can now go for a pair of chic Birkenstocks made from delicate textiles, chic colors, metallic trims, platform styles and such to perfectly match your casual-chic outfits. This way, you’ll stay fresh and fashionable without compromising comfort.

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