5 Blending Tools All Beauty Junkies Should Try

With so many new hacks, tips, tricks, and products to try, I would say there’s no better time to be a makeup enthusiast from now. From creating simple daytime looks to ones that could send even the fiercest faces running for their money, makeup lovers are enjoying and having the time of their lives just looking and being beautiful. Of course, any makeup look is no good when you don’t blend everything right and make it look spot on. Here are some of the newest and most interesting blending tools all beauty junkies should try.

  1. The Silisponge – if you haven’t heard of the Silisponge by now, you must truly be living under a rock. This intriguing blending tool by Molly Cosmetics costs $12 and is driving the online beauty community crazy! Being made from silicone and a few other ingredients, this makeup “sponge” closely resembles a bra insert and claims to flawlessly and seamlessly blend in your foundation without wasting any product.silisponge
    silisponge flawless base
  2. The Beauty Blender – another blending tools that took the beauty world by storm is the Beauty Blender. This one remains to be a top favorite among pros, gurus and enthusiasts alike since the day the makeup gods bestowed it upon us, and for good reason! Aside from giving you a flawless finish, it’s ergonomic shape is also great for covering the whole face easily.beauty blender beauty blender flawless makeup
  3. Paddle brushes – their odd appearance made the beauty community curious about them but it was their amazing blending power that mesmerized us all. Despite resembling a toothbrush and a hairbrush among all others, paddle brushes work great for blending out foundation and concealer. It works amazingly well for brows and eye shadow as well.oval artis brushes oval paddle brushes
  4. Kabuki brush – kabuki brushes have been a while for quite some time now, and they’re very popular among makeup and beauty lovers, too. These are great for blending out powder, especially the ones that you use to set your makeup with, though there are variations that can blend foundation and concealer in seamlessly as well.kabuki brush on face kabuki hourglass
  5. Sculpting brushes – sculpting brushes are made to make your contour look even fiercer. Most of these are cut in angles that will hug your facial curves in all the right places to make your cheekbones pop as well as all the other sections that you usually put contour on. If you’re looking for trendy blending tools that will change your contour and highlight game, these are the ones that you need to look for.contour brush by estee lauder contour brush chiseled


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