5 Benefits of an All-Neutral Wardrobe

If you’re a woman with a minimalist style or simply wish to make your wardrobe timeless, you might think of stockpiling neutral-colored pieces in your wardrobe. On the other hand, if you’re a trendy woman who chases every trend, you might find your closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. So, keep on reading for the 5 benefits of an all-neutral wardrobe to make everything stylish yet practical.

  1. Everything matches.


sweater-with-button-down-shirt-and-ankle-boots silk-scarf-with-chic-dress-and-camel-coat

Having an all-neutral closet can make getting dressed in the morning exponentially quicker. All you have to do is to have access to an endless combination of tops, bottoms, and jackets and such so it will never take more than fifteen minutes to choose something to wear. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of layering your button-down shirt with a sweater to make your timeless ensembles more functional in colder seasons.

  1. It can make you more adventurous with the trendier pieces you want to splurge for.

fur-jacket-with-black-skinny-jeans-and-gold-choker lace-corset-top-woth-edgy-vest-and-skinny-jeans

It may seem contradictory, but it actually gives you a chance to go more statement-making on your trendy items. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may go avant-garde just with your all-black outfit teamed with a fur coat and a statement gold necklace. Or, go eccentric with your all-black outfits by wearing a lace corset top with a masculine vest, belt, and skinny jeans like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did.

  1. It forces you to pay attention to a great fit and cut.

breezy-jumpsuit-with-architectural-shoes sexy-lace-dress-with-white-vest little-black-dress-with-over-the-knee-boots

Because you have a closet full of basic washes, shopping trips become more about finding the perfect fit on your little black dress or the ideal cropped vest that nips in your midsection. Remember, your clothes look better when they’re tailored to your body, even if you’re not wearing the coolest trend of the season.

  1. You can re-wear things and no one knows the difference.

structured-wrap-skirt-with-gray-coat urban-outfit-with-biker-vest

You may be a big believer in multiple wears before throwing your clothes in the wash that saves time and effort. On the other hand, when you wear a loud look-at-me piece, it’s instantly recognizable and if you’re going to wear it the next week, it’s noticeable. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, be strategic wearing your turtleneck top, wrap skirt, and coat on your street style and be creative matching them with other pieces the following days.

  1. You’ll spend less time in front of the mirror.

color-blocked-black-and-white-dress-with-heels classy-black-outfit-with-asymmetric-sandals

When the fit is taken care of and the color scheme looks good, every outfit is simply a matter of adding up the sum of its parts to equal a complete ensemble. There can be actually some days when you can do the math in your head, reaching for said pieces and their great combinations without looking into the mirror. By considering these things, you’ll be able to have a stylish and functional closet that will serve you well.

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