5 Belts Every Stylish Girl Should Own

Belts are more than just for holding your pants up after you’ve lost an inch or two around your waist. We all know that no outfit is complete without accessories and sometimes, all you really need to tie an outfit together is a good belt. The right belt can help you accentuate your curves and show off your figure and it can help you pull off layers like a boss as well. Aside from that, a good belt will also pull everything in your outfit together to create a chic and cohesive outfit. Here are some of the best belts to own if you want to add a few to your wardrobe.

  1. Classic leather – whether black or brown, a classic leather belt is one of the things that every girl should consider as a staple in her closet. Classic leather belts make great go-to accessories for polishing up a simple everyday look. if there’s one belt you should splurge on, it the classic leather belt.classic black leather belt
    classic leather belt
  2. Animal print / leather – animal prints and animal – inspired pieces never go out of style so adding an animal print or animal leather belt to your wardrobe is something that you shouldn’t think twice about doing. This belt style is perfect for adding a hint of fierce to your look, especially during the fall.animal style belt animal print belt
  3. Bright and vibrant – another kind of belt that no girl should be without is one that is in a bright and vibrant color. Whether it’s neon pink or feisty orange, sunshine yellow or electric blue, a belt in a bright and vibrant color is something that you can use to bring more life to plain and simple looks.bright orange belt bright pink belt
  4. Woven / braided – if you’re a fan of dresses, a woven or braided belt is another belt style that you should seriously consider adding to your closet. Woven / braided belts add an even dressier touch to cute and dainty dress outfits. While there are a ton of color options out there, it is best to stick with brown or tan to keep it classy and chic.woven belt and kaftan top woven narrow belt
  5. Statement belt – the last belt you need in your life is a statement belt. This can be anything from a wide belt to one with studs and other embellishments to chains and other kinds of material. Adding a statement belt to your outfit can help take it to the next level. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some serious style to your look, a statement belt can help get the job done.statement black and gold belt statement wrap around belt


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