5 Belly Hiding Swimwear for Women

Maybe you just gave birth, or maybe, you have a burgeoning belly no matter what diet or exercise you do. It doesn’t matter what your reasons might be, you can still enjoy the beach (or the pool) sans the tummy worries with these belly hiding swimwear for women.

Ruched Swimsuit

If you have been trying to hide your tummy for as long as you can remember, then you know that clothes with ruching along the torso are your best friends. Taking the same concept, a ruched swimsuit is one of the best belly hiding swimwear for women. If you have great arms, bare them in a sleeveless swimsuit. If you have toned shoulders, then go for a strapless style. Do you have issues with your arms? You can always go for a long-sleeved ruched swimsuit.

ruched swimsuit

ruched maillot ruched swimwear

Blouson Swimsuit

Another one of the best belly hiding swimwear for women is the blouson swimsuit. It comes with a loose style along the torso so you can conceal your tummy, love handles, and other problem areas. Since this comes in various styles (strapless, spaghetti straps and long sleeves,) you won’t have a hard time choosing the best design according to your needs – and desires.

blouson swimwear blouson swimsuit blouson outfit

Peplum Swimsuit

The peplum is one of the best styles to have if you have a big belly. With that being said, a peplum swimsuit should be your top choice when it comes to belly hiding swimwear for women. Not only will it skim your figure, the flirty peplum style can help you achieve a fun, flirty look.

peplum swimsuit peplum tankini peplum swimwear

Knotted Swimsuit

Another one of the fabulous belly hiding swimwear for women is the knotted swimsuit. As for the location of the knot, make sure it traverses the belly area – so as to conceal for your healthy tummy. If you have a beautiful chest area, it wouldn’t hurt to pick a knotted swimsuit with a deep-V plunge. That way, you can draw the attention to your best area – your bosom.

knotted front swimsuit black knotted swimwear blue knotted swimsuit

High-Waist Swimsuit

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can still wear a 2-piece bikini even if you have a protruding tummy. Just make sure to wear a high-waist swimsuit, which is one of the belly hiding swimwear for women. What’s great about this attire is cuts right smack at the waist, thereby exposing the slimmest part of the torso area. Most high-waist bottoms offer excellent tummy control too, so you really don’t have to worry about your belly when you swim about in the beach.

high waist outfit high waist bikini high waist swimsuit

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