5 Bags to Complete Your Holiday Look

Now that the year is about to end, the holiday parties will come pouring once again. While we’re all preparing outfits to wear to these parties, let’s not forget the accessories that will go with our looks, especially our bags. Depending on the look that you’re going for and the kind of party you’re attending, you might need a different bag. If you’re still looking for bags to add to your holiday wardrobe, check out these ones that are sure to bring that oomph to your look.

  1. A sturdy leather clutch – no holiday season is complete without a good night out (a.k.a. a get wild party) and if that’s what you’re prepping for, a sturdy clutch that’s just big enough to hold up your clubbing beauty essentials, some cash, your cards, and your phone is what you need. Look for something with a simple design so that you can mix and match it with other looks as well. A sling-type strap might be useful, too, so it’s easier to carry no matter how tired you are.sturdy-leather-pouch-outfit
  2. A handy iconic mini – aren’t you just thankful for mini iconic handbags? Besides being just a wee bit less expensive compared to the regular sized ones, they’re also a lot more handy so they’re perfect for parties. If you’re going for a more posh and sophisticated look for the holiday parties this year, a iconic mini handbag is a must.mini-louis-vuitton mini-chanel-purse-outfit
  3. A purse with a chain strap handle – if you’re not sure what kind of bag to wear but you still want to make sure that it’s dressy and perfect for a party, anything with a chain strap handle will do. Chain strap handles are super on trend right now, and just having metal chains as your purse strap can really give your look more of that dressed up vibe.chain-strap-purse-miranda-kerr chain-strap-mini
  4. A statement purse – now, if you’re worried that the outfits you’ve picked out for your holiday parties this year are a bit too simple, don’t worry. You can always up your style game by making sure that you have the right accessories to go with it. A statement purse, for example, can make up for all the basicness that’s going on in your look.statement-purse statement-red-purse
  5. A wallet-type clutch – for parties where you have to look super sleek and chic, a walltet-type clutch may just be what you need. This is small enough to fit the important stuff like your keys, your cards and some cash, and it’s going to add an even sleeker feel to your look.wallet-type-clutch-in-pink wallet-clutch



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