5 Alternative Hairstyles to your Usual Hairdos

Are you tired of the hairdos and hairstyles? Well then, you don’t necessarily need to get a new haircut or a vibrant hair color to revitalize your look. Sometimes, all it takes are these fuss-free alternative hairstyles to your usual hairdos.

Brushless Blowout

If you like wearing your hair as it is, then a blowout hairstyle might be your go-to hairdo. But if you’ve grown tired of the polished look, then skip the round brush – and just go with your fingers instead! Granted it’s hard to blow your hair whilst combing it out, brushless blowout alternative hairstyles can help you achieve the chic, fresh-from-the-beach look. That’s because this technique creates more depth. Should you want more body with your brushless blowout, use a root-lifter before you start with the process.

brushless blowout hair

brushless blowout kendall blowout hair

Loop Ponytail

If you’re a ponytail girl, you might have tried all the variations possible – from a high pony to an effortless low pony. If you’re tired of these usual hairdos, then try a loop ponytail – just one of the alternative hairstyles that can redefine your look. This semi-casual, semi-sophisticated look is perfect for most outfits – especially if you plan on wearing a backless top or dress. However, if you want to achieve a polished look, wear these alternative hairstyles with a hair serum.

loop hair loop ponytail hair loop ponytail

Braided Bun

Tired of the usual bun hairstyle? Then go the extra mile and try the braided bun, just one of the many fun alternative hairstyles you can try out. To achieve this look, create your usual full pony, but do braid the tail. Once this has been done, wrap it around in a bun and secure your locks with bobby pins or hairspray.

braided bun braided bun hair braid bun

Whimsical Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair – or if you try to do so with a curling iron – then you always have that ‘beach girl’ look. However, if you’re aiming to look more sophisticated, then it’s just a matter of adding embellishments to your alternative hairstyles. For your waves, all you have to do is wear a barrette. This hairdo is something you’ll treasure forever, as it can take you from office desk to an upscale restaurant dinner in an instant.

barretted hair hair with barrette wavy hair with barrette

Romantic Ribbon

As it has been said, accessorizing is one of the best ways to achieve cool alternative hairstyles. If you find it hard to let go of your basic ponytail, you need not to, as all you have to do is swap your boring elastic with a ribbon scrunchie. With this activity, you can up your hair A-game right away!

ribbon ponytail ribbon hair black ribbon

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