4 Ways to Work a White Tee at the Office

Versatile staples are the foundation of an effective professional wardrobe. You may think of a white tee as your favorite casual piece that will make your weekends more effortless with a pair of jeans. However, a basic white tee can transform into multiple looks, including your office style and it’s an efficient, cost-effective way to simplify your wardrobe. So, keep on reading for the 4 ways to work a white tee at the office.

  1. Go for a chic version of a basic tee.


white-tee-with-office-pants-and-camel-bag white-tee-with-jeans-and-blazer

Regardless how basic is your white tee, luxury fabrics make a difference. So, opt for a chic version of a basic tee that will look more professional in your workplace over your tee that you usually wear on your casual weekends. You may opt for a white tee with cap sleeves that make layering easy, as well as a fitted silhouette, making your basic top more sophisticated and less “sloppy” than your average tee. Go for a flattering neckline that’s not as high and conservative as a crew, but not as cleavage-revealing as a V-neck, is a nice option for the office. If you usually wear your top with office pants, think of a slightly longer length of a tee that allows you to wear it tucked in smoothly.

  1. Strike the perfect balance between professional and creative.

coat-with-casual-office-outfit skinny-jeans-with-classic-pumps-and-white-top pastel-blue-coat-with-white-tee-and-skinny-jeans

In many offices, an entire wardrobe could be built around the blazer and office pants. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of wearing a structured coat to dress up your basic tee and jeans. Just strike the perfect balance between professional and creative, buttoned up yet comfortable. You may think of pairing your white tee with casual chino pants and loafers, or stick with a more formal bottom, like sleek skirt or tailored slacks depending upon your office dress code.

  1. Add a feminine flair to your office looks with accessories.

camel-blazer-with-printed-pants-and-white-tee pink-jacket-with-white-tee-and-leather-trousers-with-green-clutch jeweled-necklace-with-white-tee-and-chic-outfit

T-shirts aren’t known for their dressy femininity, but wearing it with chic pieces and accessories adds a layer of polish. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, think of wearing a statement necklace and gold cuffs with your creative outfit. However, minimize other jewelry when wearing a statement piece. Accentuating the waist is flattering for nearly every body type, so this look works well on both curvy and straight figures. You may achieve the look by adding a belt at the waist or tuck you tee in your bottom. In colder weather, think of adding a scarf by day and swap with a bold statement necklace at night. Consider a no-fuss infinity scarf accented by a minimalist bracelet.

  1. Redefine “office wear”.

white-tee-with-skirt-and-nude-bag white-tee-with-minimalist-black-skirt white-tee-with-chic-maxi-dress-and-camel-bag

If you usually opt for straight-leg pants to wear with your office tops, go for feminine skirts if you’re working in a creative workplace. You may also extend the life of your sheer casual blouses and make them office-appropriate by wearing your tee underneath. Or, balance the casual look of your basic tee with a bottom that looks more professional and feminine. When in doubt, take your lead from the highest ranking woman in your office. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make your basic white tee appropriate at the office.

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