4 Ways to Wear Your Winter Clothes This Summer

Clothes bound by season are simultaneously necessary and upsetting. Though stylists advise us to have our capsule collection for each season, you can still make the winter clothes work in the summer with a little creativity and some street style inspiration. Are you willing to test the waters and wear your favorite winter clothes in the summer? Keep on reading for our 4 ways to wear your winter clothes this summer.

  1. Top your bandeau and bralettes with winter jackets.

crop top with pencil skirt and coat

winter jacket with summer bandeau top and jeans sporty bandeau with leather jacket and skinny jeans oversized pink coat with crop top and jeans bralette with dress pants and oversized jacket

To make your winter jackets appropriate in the summer, wear them with your skin-baring and revealing tops like a crop top, bralette, and bandeau. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, add some sporty chic vibe to your summer look by going for a sporty bandeau topped with a leather jacket that will give you the same edgy vibe it gave you in the winter. However, think of trading your thigh-high boots to mules, lace-ups, and even summer sandals to keep your style season-appropriate.

  1. Wear your tweed or leather jacket with sheer summer dress.

breezy dress with tweed jacket sexy slit dress with pink jacket sexy sheer outfit with leather jacket sheer dress with robe

Lighter that fur coats, tweed jackets can be great to be a conservative topper on your sheer summer dresses. Like fashion blogger Jana Wind, add some festive vibe to your summer looks by going for a tweed jacket that will look perfectly with your breezy dress. If you’re looking for a daring and edgy style, copy Micah Gianneli’s look by wearing a sheer maxi dress with a leather jacket, making your look breezy at the same time edgy on your street style.

  1. Think of wearing your sleeveless tweed dresses in the summer.

pastel yellow tweed dress woven fruit bag with tweed denim dress tweed dress with clogs

Tweed dresses may be worn with other layers in the winter, but you can still make the staple work in the summer by letting them steal the show. Just opt for sleeveless and short tweed dresses that will look season-appropriate and save your sleeved and heavy ones in the fall season. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, make the tweed dress look summer inspired by going for fruity colors and wearing summer-inspired accessories like ethnic necklaces and strappy sandals that will add some personality to your style.

  1. Make your casual outfit look unexpected with a fur jacket.

crochet top with fur and skinny jeans fur coat with ripped denim pastel blue fur coat with white tank top and cut off denim shorts sneakers with sexy tank top and jeans

A bit challenging yet achievable, think of adding some glam to your favorite casual outfits by topping it with a fur vest or coat instead on flashy sequins. Sequin can now be worn in the daytime as contrary to dated fashion rules that so you can wear your fur jackets in the summer as long as you keep your looks breezy in your overall looks. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, a pair of cut-off shorts and spaghetti tank top can look glamorously stylish with a pastel fur coat. With pairings like these, you might not have to put away your winter wardrobe after all.

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